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Electronics Reviews

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Apple iPod Video

18 reviews

I love how music can be stored in it, the screen is impressive, I enjoyed watching music videos and TV shows on it and pictures material. Video quality: In a word, wow.This thing looks, dare I say, sexy. Sexy sexy sexy. It's thin, flat, looks incredibly sleek ...
Nintendo DS Lite

132 reviews

As these get older they get harder to find and people charge a lot more for them if they are in good shape. I ended up getting my hands on one for cheap and I just overload on buying games for it an I am addicted to buying and gaming on this thing; like 15 years after it came...
Apple Ipod Nano

25 reviews

Battery lasts long, it isn’t as delicate as all apples products. I can download music easily and play tons of games. I would buy another apple I pod for sure.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC70 Digital Camera

2 reviews

I'm very happy with my Panasonic Lumix camera. I've had it for 7 years now and am still happy. It's compact, decent to look at and takes decent quality pictures. It has been on many vacations with me. It was also a great value and I purchased on sale. I only have two...
The Professional DVD- 1994

2 reviews

awesome movie me and my wife loved it great action movie with thrills and explosions
KS7322-2- Dual Alarm AM/FM Stereo Clock Radio With Compact Disc Player

2 reviews

I have had this alarm clock for years, it got me through college and is super easy to set and change settings. I love that it lets you wake up to a cd instead of radio and that the numbers are big and clear (so I can even read it from bed without my glasses on). I don't know...
Sony Cybershot Digital Camera

9 reviews

I found this 16.2 megapixels gem 4 years ago outside & it had even rained, but it still worked. It's still going strong with a few cracks after dropping it several times. I like the 5x optical zoom, which is certainly better than my phone camera. This slim camera is smaller...
Cubite Speaker (Computer or iPod)

1 review

I blew the right speaker on my laptop so decided to get a cheap external speaker until I have time to part with my computer and get it fixed. I went to my local Apple retailer and they had this speaker for $19.99 and decided to give it a try. It is actually a very good little...
Nintendo Wii

432 reviews

J'ai reçu une Wii en cadeau il y a plusieurs années. Lorsqu'on pouvait se rassembler en famille, nous faisons des parties en équipe c'était génial ! Il y a plusieurs accessoires aussi.
Guitar Hero II

5 reviews

i love this same its amazing and so fun to paly with your friends
Obus Forme Sound Therapy System

6 reviews

I love my Obus Forme Sound Therapy System. I recieved it as a gift for Christmas. There are many sounds to chose from, which ever one that suits You, just press the button of the one You want. I find since I've had my Obus Forme Sound Therapy System I sleep a deeper sleep, it...
Logitech VX Revolution Mouse

1 review

Since I am a computer geek I also post gadget reviews! :) This is first mouse that I've ever bought and I am in love with it. Who knew a few more buttons will make web surfing so easy? There are so many features of this mouse that I use. (1) You can switch modes on the...
Canon SD 1000 digital camera

1 review

Ok so I wanted a Canon SD750 as i mentioned in another review on ChickAdvisor but the camera I got instead is even better! Feature wise the SD750 and the SD1000 are almost the same camera....the SD750 has a 3 inch LCD but is heavier camera with curvy corners and the SD1000 has...
iPod nano 3rd generation

4 reviews

this is nice ipod to use when youre at the gym, walking, doing really anything and just want it to be a small compact device instead of a big phone. stores a lot of music aswell as has very good features and games if you find yourself waiting or bored... I bought Apples nano...
Apple iPod Touch

102 reviews

They have no value anymore, they don't update, you cant download apps on them anymore apple just doesn't let them update once they get so old which is crap cause i bet if that wasn't the case a lot of these would still work and people would use them. I have an Iphone 6 I was...
Sony Bravia KDL V3000 LCD TV

4 reviews

Great picture and clear screen. Good outputs on the back of the T.V. i have one in each of my main rooms. I will always buy Sony T.V. its a reliable product.
Wildfire Slimline G

1 review

This was my first vibrator, and I would definitely recommend it for any other first time buyers. It's great for external stimulation and has seven settings; as long as the batteries aren't running down the power is really good. It can be a bit noisy, but if you wrap the...
Skullcandy Ink'd Smokin' Buds

7 reviews

I too love Skillcandy Ink'd Smokin' Buds. And so does my daughter. They really block outside noise and have great base sound!
Rock Band Video Game

6 reviews

this was one of the best games ever made for any game system , i love how they company didnt only make this for xbox either , you could use it for play station as well .. there are so many options for songs, good songs .. unlike the first one which didnt have a whole lot of...

1 review

This is the new hand held game for kids.Its like leapster,but its handheld.My grandmother bought it for my daughter.She loves it.She got the Disney.They have games.Its wonderful.This makes a great gift for the young ones.