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Dog Food & Treats Reviews

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Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Dog Food

347 reviews

I bought this food on referral from a friend and after about a month on it my poor dog was throwing up bile every hour, she couldn't even keep water down, must have been something in it that did not agree with her, I put her back on her old food and thank god she is back to her...
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats

146 reviews

I give these to my collie a few times a week and they have helped to combat his bad breathe and his teeth are looking good. The downside to me is that they’re pricey and I’d like to be able to give them to my boy daily but the bill would be too much! My dog loves them and...
Greenies Dental Chews

103 reviews

I have to say that my dog has never turned up her nose for a greenie however if they work is another story. Despite purchasing these and using them daily for 3 months I saw no difference to the tartar level on my dogs teeth nor the smell of her breath.
Milkbone Brushing Chews

56 reviews

Okay, so these are Butters approved. He seems to believe they are delish - however I haven't noticed a change in his dental health with these. These are also his second favourite after Greenies (sorry Milkbone!)
cesar wet dog food

42 reviews

my dog is very fussy eater,and i must have bought every brand going,and my dog would only eat human food. until i found cesar wet food,he loves it a clean bowl everytime.
Pedigree Dentaflex

39 reviews

We bought these for our small dog. We’ve had to use the sharpest knife & scissors in our kitchen to split it 4 strips as she just couldn’t chew into it. Don’t get me wrong she loves it but it makes me wonder what’s in it to make it that tough, and what’s it doing to...
Milk Bone Mini's

41 reviews

My rescue dog had to be trained to walk on lead, sit, stay all the usual things you need a dog to be able to do. These Milk Bones are perfect to use in training and also as a snack...we call them Good Boy Cookies and our dog will now sit by the cupboard we keep them in if he...
Temptation Turkey Cat Treats 180 grams

22 reviews

these are a very good treat for your cats i always have these on hand because my cats enjoy them very much they love the cruncy outside and then the middle and they always look for there treat every moring and i would recommand these
Denta stix dog treats medium

26 reviews

I bought these in medium and large for both of my dogs. The issue I have with them is that they are so soft that my dogs chew them very quickly. They are suppose to clean their teeth. When they chew them quickly they do not have a chance to work properly. They are expensive when...
Denta Stick Original

9 reviews

Butters likes these - not as much as Greenies or the Milkbone Dental Chews, but he'll still eat them - although he might leave them around for a few hours first. Apparently they are okay, but they don't taste as good as the others.
Pup-peroni training snacks

9 reviews

dogs love these treats , but what treats don't they love. I like the fact that they are snack sizes,, good for smaller dogs. The go to treat for your dog will but again
Cesar Dog Food

37 reviews

For the longest time I couldn't get my dogs to eat ANY dog food, then we discovered the Cesar wet food. Soon it was all they would eat. I did get them to start eating the dry as well!
Milk Bone Original Biscuits for Large Dogs

29 reviews

My dog she is 12 years old. My dog is a small dog but likes the large Milk Bones multiple flavours. She like at at least 2 bones a day. She is my pride and joy.
Kirkland Dog Food

2 reviews

We have been purchasing Kirkland small breed dog food for our stomach sensitive Boston terriers for about a year now. Boston’s have notorious stomach issues. But since we moved to this dog food they have been amazing! No tummy issues!
Purina drummies

1 review

My dog is a very picky eater, so I was so excited to find a treat that she actually seemed to enjoy. When I find a treat she likes, she normally eats them in record time. I was rather impressed by these drummies as she was not able to devour them as fast. Long lasting? I am sure...
Merrick grain free: Real Texas Beef + Sweet Potato recipe

1 review

We recently made the switch from Blue Buffalo Grain free dog food to Merrick Grain Free: Texas Beef + Sweet potato recipe. I am blown away by this food. We have two English Bulldogs who are prone to some skin issues. I was noticing one was losing his fur and had dry spots. I saw...
Wellness Core Raw Rev small breed

1 review

My dog loves this food, I have changed her food previously and it made her sick and lethargic, so I went back to wellness core raw rev and she is back to herself,it gives her lots of energy and there is quite a bit in raw in there or the most recent bag anyway. I just wish it...
Kibble and bits

1 review

I know that this brand is great for my dog and that she loves loves eating it. It's safe for my dog and keeps her going back for more and more, she even come back to beg for more.
Trader Joe's dog treats

1 review

This is one of the treats that TJ's carries. My dog starts jumping as soon as he sees the bag in our hands. He gives us that " I am a dog that deserves the whole bag" look. The value is great considering the fact that my dog can eat them all in one bite because he absolutely...
Royal canin puppy milk

1 review

A must have for your whelping kit where there is no time for you to go to get milk replacement it’s better to have it there Iv always given my litters a bit even if they have fed of mum too