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Feminine Hygiene - Liners Reviews

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Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners

293 reviews

Always is definitely on the more expensive side of feminine hygiene brands, but it’s worth it imo. i know people say you’re supposed to wear liners regularly but growing up i never did and didn’t see why i’d need them. (partially because my mom never bought them). now...
Always Flexi-Style Liners

87 reviews

They are grate they help protect your panties for daily use or while on ur period and tampons can leak we all know! and keep you fresh. I use them daily and they are comfortable and do not notice when there on.
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Liners

25 reviews

I received the Chlorine-Free Liners from Seventh Generation for free (#freeproduct, #gotitfree) from Chickadvisor in exchange for an honest review. I have tried Seventh Generation products in the past, and I love this brand. Their line of period care products does not...
U by Kotex Barely There Thin Liners

71 reviews

Good value if purchased on sale. Discreet packaging to carry with you. Provides good & better feeling barrier between non-cotton underwear. I use in combination with tampons
Dove 48 hrs Maximum Protection

13 reviews

I enjoy the different scents of this product I have the deodorant and the sprays the dove product line is alway in my bathroom I always have the bar soap body wash and shampoo & conditioner especially if I can get it in the same scent
Always Clean Fresh Scent Pantiliners

42 reviews

the pads are big enough to cover all the area and prevent linen spots. the fragrance is mild that I also liked. the absorbent quality is great and it fits correctly and does not move.
Always Xtra Protection Daily Liners

1 review

They do their job. These pantie liners keep me fresh and clean. Super light, you can barely feel it. Great value and you can pretty much find them everywhere. I like the extra long ones better than the regular ones.
U by Kotex® Barely There® Thong Liners 50 ct Box

22 reviews

I can’t stand wearing normal liners and then like wrapping them around my panties lol so I’m blessed to have these! They fit g-strings too! I never ever wear full bum undies so I’ve never bought anything BUT these
KOTEX BY U pantiliners

2 reviews

Well I’ve been wearing the pantiliners since about week 25. Need them daily. For the leaks and what not. Lifesaver. Easy thin absorbent. A must have a pregnant lady
bodyform daily fresh so slim

2 reviews

Amazing product and you wont even notice that you are wearing it, however not good for heavy discharge days. But overall its a great product for the price you pay
Always Dailies Thin regular liners

14 reviews

Always pas poir rien je vais toujours en prendre quoi de mieu que detre bien dans sa peau . En plus il y a tellememt de vastes choix de produits .merveilleux !
stay free panty liners

1 review

Stayfree is my go to brand. i use the panty liners before and after my period mainly for protection and helps with unexpected surprise! it's a good product and i will definitely buy it
Natracare organic cotton panty lines

2 reviews

They are soft and comfortable without causing irritation from plastic covers and chemical soaked materials. It also has nice adhesion to underwear, stays on and comes off when you need it to. The best part of all is that it has eco-friendly packaging too!
Kotex Lightdays Panty Liner

9 reviews

These are great and I can normally find them on sale. They do the job they are supposed to do and I like this company and their products. This is normally my go to brand for this product.
U by Kotex Regular liners

10 reviews

I like you buy Kotex. The pantiliners don’t Suck like other friends you backhoe text give me the protection I need but also doesn’t bunch up to the fact that they don’t stick you don’t feel the sweatiness or the pinching from the pad definitely recommend
Carefree Thong Liners

5 reviews

This is one of the best thong pantie liners out there. My everyday use unless I am having my monthly flow. Helps to wick away your feminine discharge and keeps you fresh with a quick change. This works great on your lite days at the ending of your period.

3 reviews

I found these on sale in cvs months ago. I am so glad I tried them. They are my new favorite liner to wear when I work out. They are comfortable, thin and stay in place. They are also very absorbent. I will always buy these liners!
Carefree Panty Liners 60count

9 reviews

These liners used to be an item I purchased regularly but the quality has become very poor as the pad inside the liner keeps getting smaller and it is crooked and they keep changing the material they use in them. Will be looking for a new brand.
Carefree Acti-Fresh Extra Long Pantiliners

7 reviews

I love the extra long panty liner during my monthly friend for extra protection. I love that these liners are scent free because the scented ones sometimes aggravate me. Great product for a great price. Can buy the big package.
Life Brand Liners Everyday Unscented

2 reviews

Oddly enough, I bought these as liners for my female dogs diapers for during her heat (which, for those that may not know, is a very light flow over many days). We had normally been using Carefree brand liners but Life brand was on sale and we thought we'd give them a try. Well...