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Feminine Hygiene - Other Reviews

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Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths

365 reviews

These are really gentle and I found one cloth gets the job done. They don't rip, have good moisture, had no irritation and are flushable which is great! I love the packaging, the seal doesn't dry out the cloths.
The DivaCup

291 reviews

I was really sceptical of this product at first, let me just say it has changed my life ! I initially wanted to make the change to lessen my impact on the environment and to stop using feminine hygiene products with chemicals, now I honestly forget I even have my period! No more...
Vagisil PH Balance Feminine Wash

156 reviews

This product helps me feel fresh all day long. Its safe and gentle and helps to maintain the proper pH in my lady bits. I've tried some different scents and they are all great. My shower doesn't feel complete without it ... Definitely a product I will continue to purchase!
Diva Cup - Size 1

54 reviews

J'utilise la Diva Cup depuis quelques mois maintenant. Je suis très satisfaite! Facile d'installation, confortable et simple d'entretient! C'est aussi un bon pas vers une solution plus environnementale!
Vagisil Sensitive Feminine Wash

24 reviews

I used this product to balance my ph and it worked wonders Made my sex life with my boyfriend more enjoyable. It's great for neutralizing and balancing ph
Summer's Eve Feminine Wash

45 reviews

I've used summers eve on and off for years and now I've gone back for good 👍 the formula is better! The scents are better I feel cleaner and it's not harsh at all for those that are sensitive it's a great product all around.
Vagisil Daily Intimate Wash

14 reviews

This product makes you feel so much better down there 🙈 if you want to feel fresh and smell good all day this is it sis 🤗 this stuff is definitely a game changer!
Radox Sleep Aromatherapy

5 reviews

Radox sleep aromatherapy I thought I would try this out as I struggle to get a good night sleep the smell of this product is nice and I would say it really did give me a relaxing nights sleep going to keep using this

1 review

I bought the bambody underwear as I wanted to see what was out there for reusable protection before my daughter gets her period and also to try and save some money for myself. This was money well spent. They work amazing for light day periods without having to wear a tampon or...
Tied up tease

1 review

This is the best perfume my absolute favorite. Its not stong it has a soft smell and it smells really good. I always buy more than one. To always make sure i have back up and i also keep one in my car. But really its the best.
Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation

1 review

I can't live without this coverage!! I have never found anything else that covers my skin without clogging my pores and irritating my skin. This coverage is the only make up that matches my skin tone , covers all my white acne spots and my brown sun spots at the same time !...
Intimina lily cup compact size B

1 review

Absolutely love love love this alternative product to tampons and sanitary pads. It's cost effective, eco friendly, high medical grade silicone - no more worry about TSS! And best of all its pink! I have children so I opted for the size B. This size is for post natal women...
Tampax  menstrual cup

3 reviews

I love this! Easy to use, easy to clean, no more extra trips to the store because you ran out of tampons. Extremely reliable. Plus, environmentally friendly.
Diva Cup - Size 2

10 reviews

Okay so just to start, I am a heavy bleeder. So when I saw these cups I was first in line in a matter of speaking. Like I was thinking okay I can wear this it’ll catch it and empty it and I’m done!!!! Well long story short, this product is not for me. It is so messy. And I...
OrganiCup Menstrual Cup

2 reviews

I love the OrganiCup. I previously used the Diva Cup, but I find that the OrganiCup offers a bit better suction and protection for my body. It is super easy to clean and I love that you can leave it in for up to 12 hours without changing it.
Summer's Eve Wipes, Individually wrapped

1 review

These wipes are the best that I have tried for feminine hygiene. They are perfect to stash in your purse or gym bag. I get the unscented ones and they work very well. I always have these on hand for traveling or just for running around.

1 review

I recently experienced some feminine discomfort and Monistat was my go to brand for recommendation. It has given me the relief that I needed when I needed it. Definitely will be my choice over others.
Sweet Spot Labs Gentle Wash in Vanilla Blossom

12 reviews

This product is my favourite. I’ve been using it for more than an year and I love it. I tried different scents but the Vanilla Blossom is my favourite. It is really gentle and 97% natural. That’s why I never stopped using it. This soap is really the best one that I tried...
Simply summers eve

2 reviews

I love this stuff! It smells so good & I always feel so fresh & so clean after using it! I always make sure i have some of this in my shower at all times!
Vagisil Anti-Itch Nedicated Wipes

3 reviews

I really like the size of this product. Easy to carry in your purse or in an overnight bag. Discreet and compact and yet able to keep moist until opened.