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Hand Wash & Soap Reviews

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Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

2891 reviews

I love these foaming soaps. My only complaint is that they are all antibacterial, which they say isn't healthy due to killing off good bacteria. With that said, I buy them fairly often as I love the scents and ease of using a foaming soap.
Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

236 reviews

I find that the refills are really pricey. I do like the no touch feature as I hate touching the soap pump if I've handled chicken.I love the convenience of the automatic dispenser! The scents are nice too.
SoftSoap Antibacterial Hand Soap

131 reviews

Very good, clean well and smell good, but finishes quickly. It's ok. I bought a small.one to try and I liked. Will try other smell next time I purchase this.
Live Clean Fresh Water Liquid Hand Soap

94 reviews

Love live clean hand soap. I wished it had refills so you don’t haft to buy more of the pumps. I just realized that there are refills. Wished that they where cheaper.
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Aquarium Fresh

63 reviews

I have very sensitive hands so I can't use many soaps. Soft soap has been great for cleaning my hands as it doesn't cause my skin to dry out like other soaps.
Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap

60 reviews

I love these hand soaps, and frequently check out the store for new scents and designs (they are always changing the designs actually, but the scents more or less stay the same). They always have the perfect design to match my bathroom decor and the perfect scent to put me in a...
Live Clean Sweet Pea Liquid Hand Soap

44 reviews

Okay first off, I give thanks to the people who created/create the Live Clean brand. They are doing an amazing job on every level in my opinion. I started to use them when they first came out, quite a few years ago before the whole "all natural and organic " trend came to be and...
Softsoap Rich Shea Butter Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

39 reviews

Soft soap with Shea butter is one of our favorite hand soaps. Not to mention, this soaps smells so good and leaves your hands soft and moisturized. This soap makes a great lather and lasts a long time. Would highly recommend this soap to others!
Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Soap

37 reviews

This is my fav B&B;works product ever. It has the most amazing fragrance that is flowery but not too sweet. I usually get the whole set so that i can layer it and smell amazing all day long. I would totally recommend this.
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

46 reviews

I absolutely love all of the Bath & Body works foaming hand soaps, its the only brand I buy for my house. The scents are all amazing, the foam is fun makes my kids like washing their hands.
Method Hand Soap

25 reviews

I like to use a natural handwash if possible, as it leaves your skin soft and is less drying. I love the Method range as the right amount of product is dispensed from the pump, its natural and leaves your hands in great condition. The scent is gentle.
Pantene Pro V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo

18 reviews

I love this shampoo, and have repurchased is numerous times. It revitalises dry hair and noticeably softens moderate split-ends. Overall it provides hair with enough moisture without causing greasiness & managers fizziness.
Secret 24 hr control

22 reviews

I bough this one when we went to America as a back up coz mine was misplace. I was happy as it was good, and cheap. I smell fresh even I have been busy with kids.
Dial Coconut Water and Mango Hand Soap

34 reviews

I absolutely love the scent of this soap! I keep it in our bathroom so I use it several times every day. It keeps my hands clean & moisturized without drying them out. The scent is subtle but I find myself sniffing the backs of my hands throughout the day just to enjoy the...
Ivory bar soap

12 reviews

I recently purchased Ivory Bar soap to try as my skin has been quite dry. I was pleasantly surprised with how gentle it was. It did not leave a residue, nor did it make my skin dry.
SoftSoap Juicy Melon and Crisp Cucumber Hand Soap

38 reviews

This is an average soap that is average quality. It is generally cost efficient and does have many great scents, however it always dries my hands out. I would choose this product last .
Dove pump body wash

5 reviews

This is my go to body wash when looking for liquid style cleaner. Works best with a loofa, smells great, rinses clean, does not leave sky dry after showering.
Pears Transparent Original Soap

8 reviews

One of the few soaps that I can use with my sensitive skin. My excema never reacts with this soap and I always feel so clean and refreshed afterwards.
Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

12 reviews

I have been buying these for years and I love the little scrubbing beads in the soap and the selection of scents, especially during the holidays. I have purchased alot to give as gifts also.
Williams Mug Shaving Soap Bar

1 review

Love love love this bar! Bought for $2 for my husband to try to reduce our waste. It's the best shaving bar. I use it as well. It's easy to apply, great for travelling and leaves a good amount of soap to shave with. We run it directly on the skin and it doesn't dry anything out...