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Household Cleaning Products Reviews

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Ecover washing liquid

1 review

I thought I'd give this brand a go to try and minimise toxins in our home. It's very effective at cleaning dishes, plus doesn't dry my hands out like my previous washing liquid. To top it off, my local green shop refills my bottle to avoid buying more plastic.... Happy days...
Wilko fabric condioner

1 review

Wilko softener has a nice smell and it is good value for money.it comes with different fragrances and there is a washing liquid to match so the fragrance lasts longer
Flash kitchen spray

2 reviews

Have tried loads of kitchen cleaners and chose them based on whatever was available and price so stumbled upon this really. Can't fault it. I do a lot of cooking and baking - a lot of boiled sugar, royal icing, and tomato and gravy sauces. This is amazing at getting rid of them...
Cif cream with 100% natural cleaning particles

1 review

Had`nt bought this in years as i remembered it took days to get it all off,bit like that window cleaner that you wiped and wiped but it still left smears.Got a new hob so gave it a bash.Impressed - It now wipes away really well and gets rid of any spills on the hob.Runnier now...
Goo Gone Oil

25 reviews

I recently purchased some (brand new) wheels for my car. I paid for someone to apply a ceramic coating to the wheels. The detailer used Goo Gone to remove the adhesive from the wheel weights. (I had the tires mounted before deciding to dismount them for a thorough ceramic...
Gravitti spin mop

2 reviews

i think this is the best mop a person could use. i have told all my family about it and they have also got one and we all find it to be the best that a person could ever use
Seventh generation eucalyptus spearmint thyme disinfecting spray

2 reviews

First off I love how convenient this is! But I dont like the smell that much! I sprayed it and my mom was asking me what is that really bad smell.... I wish there was more made with a pleasant smell.
Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover

1 review

This is fast acting and literally works before your eyes, all you need to do is spray on and leave it to work it’s magic! Once done I just rinse it off and job done. There’s no scrubbing needed you can put it on and go do other stuff whilst it works it’s magic. It’s...
Resolve Oxi-Action Stain Remover Powder

36 reviews

This product wasn't the most effective when used in the laundry machine itself. However, for spot treatment, it worked wonders! I was able to get out sauce stains out of my white shirts instantly
KIDS ‘N’ PETS - Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover

1 review

This product WORKS! I have used this for years and it works better than anything else I have tried! I've used it on everything from skunk spray to marker, to cat urine and it does the job the first time. Highly recommend!
Bissel Aeroswift Compact Vaccuum

2 reviews

I usually swear by bissell products. But this vacuum doesn't move over my shag rugs at all. The vacuum doesn't pick up as well as I'd like it to, and it blows dirt everywhere. Not the best vacuum out there, but it does what I need it to do for the most part.
Windex Disinfectant Multi-Surface Cleaner

35 reviews

This product is definitely a 10/10 in my opinion. I’m sole proprietor of a house cleaning company and windex is my lead cleaner with all the benefits of disinfecting and shine 😍
Pink solution hard surface cleaner (formally mother's choice)

1 review

Good for everything from removing soap scum from bathrooms to making kitchen sinks shine. I've even used it to take scratches out of my car. Can be a bit of a pain to worth with though as it needs water to work properly so it can be a bit messy.
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Honeysuckle multi-surface everday cleaner

8 reviews

I absolutely love this brand of cleaner. I love their scents, especially Honeysuckle. The smell is lovely, but not over powering. Which most cleaners are. It is excellent for getting the dirt and grime off literally everything. The price is great too.
Lysol Disinfectant Spray spring waterfall

4 reviews

Well first off..love the smell of this after I use it to clean! Its a nice clean smell in my bathroom but not too strong. It does a great job at cleaning and I usually go insane with this stuff on door knobs, counters, toilets and everywhere I know there would be nasty bacteria...
Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner

1 review

Okay y’all, I have tried and tested every window cleaner on the market, from DIY’s (consisting of either vinegar, ammonia, dawn dish soap, etc..), to other cleaners like invisible glass. I always came back to the windex original no matter how much I heard people swear by...
Dawn fleurs de pommier

1 review

J'utilise DAWN ultra depuis peu de temps et je suis vraiment satisfaite. En plus de dégager une agréable odeur, le liquide élimine la graisse et n' agresse pas la peau des mains. Je recommande.
No Name Lemon Scent Dishwasher Detergent

2 reviews

I have been using this brand for a few years as the quality was really good. However the boxes that I purchased a week ago has changed. First the box has changed which is fine if the product inside is still the same. After using it the first time I noticed it left brown tea...
Bounty Plus Select-A-Size Paper Towels

5 reviews

I love these paper towels and I use them alot. I love that you can pick the size you need so that you aren’t wasting paper towel. It is strong enough to manage big spills.
Mr Clean citrus and light 1.2 litres

19 reviews

I use this product all the time and it is great. I love that I can clean with ease and that the lemon scent leaves the house smelling fresh and sanitized.