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221 reviews

Facebook is a great social media app to kill time. It’s great for staying up to date with friends and family who are maybe older or who don’t have other forms of social media. It’s also a great platform to buy and sell products effectively.
Shoppers Drugmart

110 reviews

Shoppers Drug Mart or SDM is a Pharmacy but kind of like a grocery store, The regular prices are horrendous and overpriced, but when it goes on sale or clearance the prices are even better then Walmart or Superstore! There are coupons everywhere and they probably have one of the...
Lepage Ultra Gel Super Glue

66 reviews

I guess i differ from some of the other reviews - i found it an effective glue for fixing broken mugs/handles, picture frames, etc - but when it came to heavy duty things - like re-gluing a piece on my clay pots - it didn't perform any better or worse then any other comparable...
Magic Bag Neck And Shoulders

60 reviews

I have used my Magic Bag for my neck and shoulders, it is the perfect shape and I can walk around with it on me and still have my hands free. Great value and I like that it’s unscented. Love it!
Schick Hydro 5 Mens Razor

49 reviews

I decided to try the schick hydro 5 after getting tired of using the "other" 5 blade brand and paying so much for new blades for an ok shave. Since I have purchased and started using the new schick razor my face is as smooth as ever and the refill blades are a little less...
Fitbit charge 2

40 reviews

I received this as a birthday present and I love it. It tracks my steps, my heartrate and calories burned. It's not cheap but if you're on the path of trying to get more steps in and increasing your level of exercise, it's a great product. I love mine and I highly recommend it!
KY Naturals Intimate Gel

1 review

I like the gentle formula and consistency of the product. Also, easy to find in pharmacies. I try to buy on sale as it can be more expensive than the regular formulas.
Degree® Women 48h Fresh Scent Deodorant Stick

27 reviews

I like this deodorant for when I am exercising. It smells good and lasts long. It isn’t very good for black clothing but other than that I would recommend.
Outlast Clear Gel Deoderant

1 review

I don’t like gels but I tried this and now I couldn't live without it. It smells sooo good. It doesn't leave behind gross sticky residue like other gels I've tried. I put it on before bed sometimes, still fresh in the morning! The only thing I don't like is you need to roll it...
Holista Tea Tree Oil

44 reviews

Sometimes I have some pretty inflamed breakouts on my face. I put a few drops of this tea tree oil on my breakouts and it helps to reduce the inflammation while also sterilizing the area.
LIQUID I.V. Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support

1 review

Everyone in my house loves these and the benefits they provide! It's an easy way to help keep your family healthy during these crazy times! The Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support is an innovative blend of 5x the daily amount(!) of Vitamin C, along with Zinc, and...
Trojan Targeted Tip Massager

2 reviews

Let me just tell you! Ou you will not regret this purchase!! It’s is very discreet and small but it’s well umm….. FANTASTIC!!! I will recommend this for sure
Life comfort weighted shoulder wrap

1 review

I got the life comfort weighted shoulder wrap for Christmas. My husband got it for me because I suffer from chronic shoulder pain due to medication I am on. He purchased the wrap at Costco for $29.99. The wrap weighs 4lbs which is the perfect weight to add when you feel like...
Warrior Apothecary

1 review

So I wasn't expecting to find this product line here and I'm kind of glad I didn't. I almost don't want to review it because I don't want to blow up the business and not be able to get the stuff I love but I can't be selfish all of the time and since it's Christmas and the time...
TUMS Chewable Heartburn Relief Antacid Tablets

1 review

I first tried these when I grabbed a couple samples at the Doctors office and boy am I glad I did. Ever since I first tried them I have enjoyed the berry flavor and the timely effectiveness delivered. There's something about the chalky textured ones that makes me dread taking...
Dial Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap/Aloe

43 reviews

I like to try new scent of soap and coconut and aloe sound great and smell nice too I like it and would probably buy it again if I see it in stock also very affordable and can be found at dollarama
Plant Therapy Passive Lotus Diffuser

2 reviews

This little flower diffuser is so adorable! It reminds me of the ceramic oil diffusers from when I was little. You pour the oil on top (some oils can stain, but I haven't noticed anything too bad) and it then smells very lightly. This is NOT a strong scent and you have to add...
Green beaver deodorant

1 review

I love this deodorant. I am ultra sensitive so this is awesome. Best aluminum free ANTI PERSPIRANT I’ve found at Walmart so far. 8$ is a little much but it’s ok lasts me about 4 weeks. Smells awesome too go buy one!
Vera Bradley pleated face masks

1 review

I have purchased at least 10 of these face coverings. They fit well, have the metal to customize the fit on the bridge of the nose. The ear bands are also adjustable and elastic. I have some of the non pleated ones and I prefer these.
Lolë Yoga Mat

1 review

The Lolë Yoga Mat is quite nice and comfortable. It offers a good cushioning, which allows for different types of workouts and is long enough for tall people. However, it is a little pricy.