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220 reviews

Classic. I know it’s kind of old now but I use it all of the time still has so many funny memes and I love to stay up to date on what my friends and family are up to
Instagram App

141 reviews

I decided to make a new free samples/products, reviews and insights "business" Instagram Account. I was getting wayyyyy to many DMs and kept missing out on my feed content like samples, coupons, sweepstakes, giveaways and programs to apply to. It's a work in progress since I...
Shoppers Drugmart

103 reviews

product with quality and super reliable I recommend this place, I always find everything I want, the makeup part with several options and we can try to find what suits our skin
Lepage Ultra Gel Super Glue

66 reviews

I guess i differ from some of the other reviews - i found it an effective glue for fixing broken mugs/handles, picture frames, etc - but when it came to heavy duty things - like re-gluing a piece on my clay pots - it didn't perform any better or worse then any other comparable...
Magic Bag Neck And Shoulders

60 reviews

I have used my Magic Bag for my neck and shoulders, it is the perfect shape and I can walk around with it on me and still have my hands free. Great value and I like that it’s unscented. Love it!
Schick Hydro 5 Mens Razor

49 reviews

I decided to try the schick hydro 5 after getting tired of using the "other" 5 blade brand and paying so much for new blades for an ok shave. Since I have purchased and started using the new schick razor my face is as smooth as ever and the refill blades are a little less...
Fitbit charge 2

40 reviews

I received this as a birthday present and I love it. It tracks my steps, my heartrate and calories burned. It's not cheap but if you're on the path of trying to get more steps in and increasing your level of exercise, it's a great product. I love mine and I highly recommend it!
Degree 48h Fresh Scent

26 reviews

One of the best non clinical deodorants I I have used keeps me smelling fresh for over 24 hours and avoids white marks when applied under black clothing
Holista Tea Tree Oil

44 reviews

Sometimes I have some pretty inflamed breakouts on my face. I put a few drops of this tea tree oil on my breakouts and it helps to reduce the inflammation while also sterilizing the area.
Dial Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap/Aloe

43 reviews

I like to try new scent of soap and coconut and aloe sound great and smell nice too I like it and would probably buy it again if I see it in stock also very affordable and can be found at dollarama
Febreeze car air freshener vent clip

5 reviews

Honestly, I didn't really care for car cleaning products but this is a life saver when dealing with a mechanic as a husband. The truck always had different smells of oil and other things, but with these the smell was gone.
Green beaver deodorant

1 review

I love this deodorant. I am ultra sensitive so this is awesome. Best aluminum free ANTI PERSPIRANT I’ve found at Walmart so far. 8$ is a little much but it’s ok lasts me about 4 weeks. Smells awesome too go buy one!
Vera Bradley pleated face masks

1 review

I have purchased at least 10 of these face coverings. They fit well, have the metal to customize the fit on the bridge of the nose. The ear bands are also adjustable and elastic. I have some of the non pleated ones and I prefer these.
Lolë Yoga Mat

1 review

The Lolë Yoga Mat is quite nice and comfortable. It offers a good cushioning, which allows for different types of workouts and is long enough for tall people. However, it is a little pricy.
Crystal Light

78 reviews

I am buying more drink mixes these days as I am trying to cut down on added sugar in my daily diet. I tried these crystal light packets and it's only 5 calories a serving and 0g sugar. I find a package to be too sweet if I put the entire pack into my mug however.
Alka seltzer plus cold & cough

1 review

I have used this product several times it does help with cold symptoms and did not seem to make me sleepy. The only downside is that it taste horrible. Taste like pure asprin.
Fitbit Inspire 2

2 reviews

A few friends have been telling me I should get a fitbit for a while now. Well, I finally did it! And super impressed by its effectiveness. Since purchasing, I have lost 6 pounds(in 1 week!). I have better insight on my sleep, my heart rate, and overall activeness. I love being...
Great value storage bag

1 review

Those are some of my favourite freezer bags to use to keep my food safe! It makes my food stay fresh for so long and it's such a great price. You get a lot for a cheap price! Highly recommend them.
Nicorette Quick Mist

1 review

works 100%, But make a commitment to yourself that you want to quit smoking, every time you feel the urge for cigarette, Spray it right away under your tongue and you will be good to go. But remember DO NOT Smoke at any cost, the craving will go away in 5 minutes.
Puressentiel Headache Roller

1 review

It works really well, better than most headache rollers. The scent is light and fresh. As a chronic migraineur, it is a real and true friend. Non-greasy and doesn't stain your pillow if you wear it before bed. I carry it everywhere.