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220 reviews

Classic. I know it’s kind of old now but I use it all of the time still has so many funny memes and I love to stay up to date on what my friends and family are up to
Instagram App

139 reviews

Love this app. Its so much more positive and up beat. Keeps me scrolling and enjoying the beauty in a word that is not so lovely to look at right now.
Shoppers Drugmart

103 reviews

product with quality and super reliable I recommend this place, I always find everything I want, the makeup part with several options and we can try to find what suits our skin
Lepage Ultra Gel Super Glue

66 reviews

I guess i differ from some of the other reviews - i found it an effective glue for fixing broken mugs/handles, picture frames, etc - but when it came to heavy duty things - like re-gluing a piece on my clay pots - it didn't perform any better or worse then any other comparable...
Magic Bag Neck And Shoulders

60 reviews

I have used my Magic Bag for my neck and shoulders, it is the perfect shape and I can walk around with it on me and still have my hands free. Great value and I like that it’s unscented. Love it!
Schick Hydro 5 Mens Razor

49 reviews

I decided to try the schick hydro 5 after getting tired of using the "other" 5 blade brand and paying so much for new blades for an ok shave. Since I have purchased and started using the new schick razor my face is as smooth as ever and the refill blades are a little less...
Fitbit charge 2

39 reviews

i honestly love my fitbit, and this one is great. Its small, and I purchased a cute band from Amazon. I've had it forever now and the only reason I want to upgrade is because I want a smartwatch :)
Holista Tea Tree Oil

44 reviews

Sometimes I have some pretty inflamed breakouts on my face. I put a few drops of this tea tree oil on my breakouts and it helps to reduce the inflammation while also sterilizing the area.
Degree 48h Fresh Scent

22 reviews

This scent is my absolute favourite and I’ve been using it for many years. Long lasting smell and never leaves me wishing I had more! Great price point as well
Dial Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap/Aloe

41 reviews

This is a great soap for washing your hands. It smells great, does a great a job cleaning and also smells absolutely amazing. I have them in all my bathrooms for everyone to use.
Crystal Light

78 reviews

I am buying more drink mixes these days as I am trying to cut down on added sugar in my daily diet. I tried these crystal light packets and it's only 5 calories a serving and 0g sugar. I find a package to be too sweet if I put the entire pack into my mug however.
Plackers Mixed Berry 30 Pack

1 review

I always buy this dental floss for the kids, different little characters that seem to have a good taste because they simply love flossing which makes me happy and dont have to worry about them cleaning their teeth.
Fitbit Inspire 2

1 review

It is easy to use and has a surprisingly long battery life. I charged it to 75% the day I got it and eight days later it is at 38%. It syncs easily with the app you download on your phone and tracks your heart rate, steps, sleep and activity easily. It also displays all these...
Fabulosa Spray & Wear

2 reviews

This product smells amazing and makes your clothes smell divine it covers a whole range of smells on your clothes and the smell lasts ages there's no need to reapply during the day
loreal 6 oil nourish shampoo & conditioner

7 reviews

After trying most of all shampoo and conditioner.. i finally found “The One” for me.. my hair is now silky smooth and scent last longer than before. A bit costly than my previous hair products but definitely would buy this now for the result i’ve got.
fitbit alta

29 reviews

I love my Fitbit. Wear it all the time. Enjoy competing against my husband/friends in how many steps one can get. Highly recommend one for someone who wants to keep track of their daily exercise.
Vype epod

1 review

When I found out I was pregnant I decided to quit smoking cigarettes, I liked this epen because I didn’t get a nasty cough from using it like I have when I tried other ones .
Sun-Rype Fruit Source Bars

55 reviews

These are so good! They've been my healthy little guilty pleasures lately ! When I'm craving something sweet but dont want to put crap into my body I reach for these and they always satisfy me !
Dove deoderant

6 reviews

Smells great but the protection could be a lot better. On really active days, I find myself reapplying every couple hours. I'm usually 1 time in the morning type of girl.
Microban 24 Hour bathroom cleaner  & disinfectant spray

4 reviews

Everyone should have Microban 24 hour protection spray for their home. You feel confident knowing germs are gone for 24 hours and your family is safe.