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Mouthwashes and Rinses Reviews

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Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse

2289 reviews

I definitely love this product. Works great but not great enough to fight off the onions that I ate but I still love it. It is not a very powerful mint and it doesn't have a sting to it. It is alcohol free which is great but I feel like it does not have enough to be long lasting.
Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse

256 reviews

This one, I always have it in my bag or purse. This one is so helpful and like a basic need for me. I use it everytime i eat outside or just when i have bad breath and i do not feel fresh.
Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

219 reviews

This was drying, and forced me to buy a new one. First the first few times, it was fine however the more night I used this mouth wash I noticed my mouth drying out. However, my boyfriend hasn't had any problems with the mouth wash. Also, doesn't taste bad. The experience is...
Listerine ZERO Antiseptic Mouthwash

94 reviews

I like using mouthwash after brushing my teeth to give my teeth a little extra protection. The minty breath lasts for a really long time, which is great for when I'm going out. I like that it has no alcohol and that it isn't too strong.
Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash

58 reviews

Listerine est tres bon apres que je me brosse les dents. Je sens une haleine tres fraiche apres utilisation. J'en prends 2 fois par jour. En plus, ca tue les bacteries de la bouche.
Crest Pro-Health Complete Mouthwash

65 reviews

This crest pro health mouth wash was recommended by my dentist after I had a appointment. This mouth wash works very good. A leave my breath fresh and clean.
Scope Outlast Mouthwash

73 reviews

I find this product very strong and have a hard using it. It burns so much that I have to spit it out right away or I water it down. So really what good is it. I have now gone to just dipping my toothbrush in the liquid and brush it on my teeth very quickly.
Listerine Total Care Zero

60 reviews

First time tried alcohol free mouthwash and i must say it's pretty good. Really good in a taste as well as I always find peppermint a little strong. So this is good for who doesn't like the spearmint or peppermint flavor
Crest Pro Health Advanced mouthwash

39 reviews

Since I moved to a new province and due to Covid I haven’t been able to get an appointment to see the dentist, I wanted to add extra flouride to my dental routine. The taste is pleasant and not too strong. I have sensitive teeth and this hasn’t made them more sensitive...
Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic mouth wash in everfresh

35 reviews

Feel the freshness. Significantly reduces plaque. Provides up to a high percentage of healthier gums. Contains flouride to help prevent cavities. Use Colgate Plax Mouthwash as the final step to your complete daily oral care hygiene.
Colgate Total Daily Repair Fresh Mint

2 reviews

Colgate Total Mouthwash tastes great and leaves your teeth feeling shiny and looking great. It is a nice start and end to the day to use a mouthwash that you know is doing its job AND leaves a great taste in your mouth. You can be confident using Colgate Total that your teeth...
Crest Scope MouthWash

10 reviews

I love the minty flavor. A must have in my grocery list because I use this everyday. It doesn't sting in the mouth. The freshness lasts. Highly recommendable.
Oral b enamel restore mouthwash

1 review

I decided to try this product since I have a lot of juices and enamel destroying foods regularly and absolutely love it. It’s a part of my regular routine now and makes my mouth feel amazing since starting it. Highly recommend but the price is high as it is a specialty mouth...
Crest 3D White Brilliance mouthwash

15 reviews

I love a nice smile. It is one of the things I think people notice first when you meet someone. Adding this whitening mouthwash to my dental cleaning regime really helps keep my teeth looking white. After the first rinse I could see a difference. My smile is whiter and brighter!
Sensodyne Daily Sensitivity Relief Mouthwash

3 reviews

I found that this is one of few mouthwashes that i can actually use due to my sensitive teeth. Doesn’t burn too much and leaves you with great breath! I use sensodyne toothpaste as well.
Life antiseptic mouthwash

1 review

One star because: cheap Two stars because: improve breath smells Three stars because: strong mint flavor Four stars because: kill mouth germs that may cause sore throat
Listerine Advanced Defence

1 review

I have sensitive gums and easily start bleeding. This mouthwash stopped the bleeding immediately after I used it. In 2 weeks it healed my gums and since then I don't have more bleeding gums issue. Very good product, I really like it.
Corsodyl Complete Protection

1 review

I was sceptical about what results I would get but it did the job. I don't like mouthwashes that are too strong and burn my tongue but this was fine. My gums and teeth did seem better and no bleeding after a few days of use.
Shops own mouth wash

1 review

A product that I regularly buy and use on a daily basis to help keep my teeth healthy and strong. A product that I would recommend to everyone. The name of the product is dental care 6 in one care mouth wash and was purchased in a store called Home Bargains in west bromwich town...
Firefly Anti-Cavity Mouth Rinse Transformers

1 review

Firefly Anti-Cavity Mouth Rinse Transformers.Convenient “No Mess” cup attached to the bottom Easy to use Fun Pump Contains fluoride to help fight cavities with bubble gum taste grandson loves this one..