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Natural Therapies Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Super Energex

946 reviews

This natural product is better then the energy drinks I used to take usually.And they work so much better by actually working all day.Good product, great price. Take the good stuff to outweigh the bad.
Life Brand Epsom Salts

115 reviews

These Epsom salts will soak away aches and pains. They leave my skin soft and silky. The eucalyptus scent is truly invigorating. Great value for the bag size too!
NeilMed Sinus Rinse

86 reviews

My ENT Doctor recommended this for me. Every fall/winter I suffer from sinus issues including a very dry nose from what I am assuming the furnace(low humidity). Well, this product has me feeling so much better after just a few days. I highly recommend! It does take a bit to get...
Colouring Book for Adults

49 reviews

I received this as a birthday gift and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It is a relaxing past-time after a stressful day. It also has blank spaces where you can doodle your own designs which is an amazing creative outlet for those who like to draw. Highly recommend for anyone...
DoTerra Essential Oils

41 reviews

Natural remedies for whatever you may have going on whether it be sinuses, a cold, headache, your too warm, or you are having trouble falling asleep at night these can help! They are 100% safe to use, and REALLY DOES WORK!
saje peppermint essential oil

15 reviews

I love this product. I’ve purchased many times. It’s effective as a remedy for headaches. I have found it’s most effective if used prior to a raging headache. Catch it before it gets to bad and no need for over the counter medication! A little goes a long way! I apply to...
Sambucol black elderberry anti-viral flu care for kids

6 reviews

This is one of the best cold medicine out there. It really works and helps clear off the cough and other symptoms in as little as three days!! The flavour is nice and sweet!
Bath and body works champagne toast candle

4 reviews

Having worked at Bath and Body Works in the past, I can attest that not all scents are made equal! Before champagne toast was made an "everyday" scent, it was seasonal around the holidays/New Years and I made sure to stock up on several candles and bath products before they left...
Natural Calm Calmful Sleep

3 reviews

This works amazing. I’ve had issues sleeping for years. Tried this and it worked great. Been using it every night for 2 months. Never fails. Peaceful calm sleep.

1 review

Needed help with aches and pains, was recommended this item! 6 different settings with assorted levels of treatments. Comes with many lengths of cords and assorted pads to use. Model number is SM 9126. Great product.
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

1 review

I started taking these vitamins a few months ago and I feel better as a whole! I have better sleep patterns my skin looks better and I just feel like I have more energy and a better appetite as well. I have some other medical issues that I have also seen an improvement in as...

2 reviews

This is one of my favorites. The scent is amazing. It's moisturizing and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. One of my go to products. I use it on a daily basis. I love it! Definitely would recommend to everyone.
DoTerra balance

1 review

After having my second daughter, things can get stressful and emotional. This is the answer to melt it all away. This essential oil is the perfect blend for both me and my baby. It’s safe to use in the nursery and I love that it comes as a deodorant too.

1 review

Purify est une huile essentielle doterra. C'est un parfait mélange. Vous pouvez le diffuser après avoir fait cuire du poisson par exemple. Il fonctionne très bien dans la litière à chat. Quelques gouttes et voilà ! Très bonne valeur qualité prix.
Saje Wellness Bath Salts

1 review

Had a long, hard day from daily life or from a workout? Do you need to relax and unwind with some hard to get me time? When I need to recharge and renew my batteries I take a long hot bath with one of the two bath soaks in my collection from Saje Wellness. Not only does it soak...
Nature's Bounty Stess Comfort Gummies

1 review

Working in the hospitality industry is stressful enough without our current sutuation, so one can get frazzled easily. Starting these I was a little skeptical that they could do anything, but I have actually felt a difference. I take 1 before work and one after and I have...
PINK Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil & Coconut Oil Calming Body Lotion

1 review

I recommend this Calming Lotion with Cannabis Seed Oil! I have had a knee replacement and still have some sensitive nerves around the scar area 3 years later. I use this cream almost daily, sometimes several times a day-depending on pain. It DOES help! Pleasant smelling, non...
Cliganic Lemongrass Oil

1 review

I purchased this as a honey bee attractant for swarm boxes...you get a lot of bang for your buck with this oil...smells great and comes packaged well in a nice solid container with a dropper...highly recommended!
doTerra Smart & Sassy

1 review

A friend introduced me to doTerra products and i fell in love with the Smart & Sassy oil blend. I Use it at work every day! This blend is a spicy one, gives you a nice boost of energy :o)
Natures bounty cranberry gummies

2 reviews

I love this Vitamin ever since I been using it my PH leavel has been a lot better. Cranberry is really good for woman and I suggest everyone to get this one . I also love their multi vitamins and hair, skin , nail vitamins.