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Natural Therapies Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Super Energex

946 reviews

This natural product is better then the energy drinks I used to take usually.And they work so much better by actually working all day.Good product, great price. Take the good stuff to outweigh the bad.
Life Brand Epsom Salts

118 reviews

I always put these in the bath if I run one, they dissolve and you forget they’re there. They help relieve joint pain and I feel like they help my knee especially after hiking or doing something a little more than normal. I also use as a skin exfoliation, just scoop some in...
NeilMed Sinus Rinse

89 reviews

Been using this sinus rinse for years! Cannot live without it. Has been extremely helpful and beneficial for me. Easy to use and safe! Definitely recommend for someone struggling with sinus issues or allergies!
Colouring Book for Adults

49 reviews

I received this as a birthday gift and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It is a relaxing past-time after a stressful day. It also has blank spaces where you can doodle your own designs which is an amazing creative outlet for those who like to draw. Highly recommend for anyone...
DoTerra Essential Oils

42 reviews

I’ve been using a number of essential oils to remedy mild symptoms related to colds, insomnia, stomachaches, etc. I find myself being drawn to the doterra oils time and time again for their effectiveness over other brands. Product quality is excellent however a much higher...
saje peppermint essential oil

19 reviews

I trust this product for my migraine relief. It helps me relax and decompress when a migraine comes on. I always have a bottle in my purse, next to my bed and I don't leave home without one.
Bath and body works champagne toast candle

7 reviews

I received this candle as a gift from work and it smells absolutely great. I light it in the basement and the smell travels through the whole house and it's not over powering.
Hemp oil extract for pain, anxiety and stress relief

1 review

××× BENEFITS ××× • For my part, I have a lot of back problems. I should take morphine but I do not want to take medicine as hard, for marijuana I do not smoke so it's not for me either. • So when I saw that he had this oil to remove the pain without his buzz then I...

1 review

Anytime any of my kids are feeling under the weather with symptoms of a cold I administer helixia right away. It all natural ingredients provide the best relief of symptoms for the kids and it’s suitable for toddlers as well.
Nature's Bounty 5-HTP

1 review

This supplement literally transformed me into a new person! I was having awful mood swings, especially when I was PMSing, but ever since I started taking 2 capsules every day I feel my mood better stabilized, I'm more level headed in stressful situations. I basically can stand...
Kaptain kush

1 review

This is a small little cannabis and accessory store. Good deals, good pot and good atmosphere. Good work. Thank you for providing decent products at decent prices
Kerasal Foot Therapy Soak

1 review

Kerasal Foot Therapy Soak does wonders for sore, tired feet. Softens skin, soothes aches and pains away and leaves feet feeling refreshed and revived. Contains Epsom salts and tea tree oil. Fragrance is wonderful. Very therapeutic! I soaked my feet for 15 minutes and the results...
Live clean deodorant sparkling citrus

3 reviews

Je l'aime bien, sauf que puisque je suis quelqun qui sue beaucoup d'avance ceci n'est pas assez pour camoufler les odeurs .pour quelqun qui ne sue pas beaucoup ceci est parfait
CTFO 1000mg CBDa

1 review

I was always skeptical of CBD products. I joined CTFO after trying their product and loving it. I have a bad back and when I used the CBDa because I was hurting so bad, it made me feel so much better I forgot I had a back issue. The only problem is that it covered my symptoms so...
Lemongrass house white orchid face mist

1 review

This mist isn’t cheap but it works. It’s by a Canadian brand from Bc they make everything all natural. This mist can be spritzed on your face when you feel anxious and stressed out.
Glow on 5th beauty simply glowing vitamin c serum

1 review

I received the glow on 5th and beauty vitamin C serum about two months ago and my babe box. I was skeptical at first however after using for only a couple of days I felt and noticed a huge difference. I highly recommend this product not just to new moms but to everyone however...
Naternal Rest CBD + CBN

1 review

I received this Rest CBD + CBN oil complimentary from Naternal in exchange for my honest review. This product comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. I love that the product has a plastic seal to ensure safety and freshness. The bottle and box both have detailed serving...

2 reviews

Don’t you just love it when a company decides to get all innovative?!? I recently tried the TANITABS toothpaste tablets from Tanit! They’ve been trying to address the issue of the amount of plastic toothpaste tubes that are discarded into landfills each year. (It’s 1...
Natural Calm Calmful Sleep

4 reviews

I started using these when I got pregnant and have continued to use them nightly now for the last year. This product tastes great and also helps with sleep, relaxation, muscle soreness and constipation. I find it’s a supplement worth spending a little extra money on due to all...
Sambucol black elderberry anti-viral flu care for kids

6 reviews

This is one of the best cold medicine out there. It really works and helps clear off the cough and other symptoms in as little as three days!! The flavour is nice and sweet!