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Natural Therapies Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Super Energex

943 reviews

Ce produit m'aide beaucoup à garder mon énergie durant la journée. Par contre, le goût n'est pas très appétissant et chaque fois que j'appuie sur la capsule pour l'ouvrir, elle "splash" sur moi en cassant. Sinon je trouve le rapport qualité prix assez bon.
Epsom Salts

97 reviews

I'm very active, and as I'm aging I'm noticing my body ache more than it used to. I rely on this in my bath for 20 mins every night and I feel healed. Great product.
NeilMed Sinus Rinse

75 reviews

After several sinus infections, I was given this system by my ENT. I now use this product for all my sinus issues. It's great for kids too. My daughter uses for her allergies. All natural and effective.
Colouring Book for Adults

45 reviews

After a long day, sometimes I find myself unable to unwind from a stressful day at work. The solution? Adult colouring books. I try to use sharpies (although expensive) they give the best ability and colour aside from pencil crayons. Available in all sorts, they're definitely...
Natural factors stress-relax tranquil sleep

13 reviews

I am occasionally plagued with sleepless night for various reasons - stress, pain, too much caffeine! I really love this product, especially the chewable version because it dissolves quickly and does not take long to work. I find it to be gentle, effective, with no side...
Young Living Essential Lavendar Oil

27 reviews

It only takes a drop or two to diffuse beautiful lavender smell into the room. Great for relaxing and bedtime. Safe for people of all ages. Classic oil for every home.
DoTerra Essential Oils

28 reviews

Doterra oils are my go to! When I have a migraine I use peppermint oil. It helps more for me than an ibuprofen and I don’t get the belly ache. I use Lavender in my bath along with serenity to help me relax. There are oils for almost everything! I would recommend to anybody...
Loreal paris clay mask

10 reviews

I find this product works amazing . I have actually try it out . I felt it left my skin feeling nice and clean . It does what it says . I can't complain as it works perfect . You won't be disappoint to try this out .
Sambucol Cold & Flu

21 reviews

I am always a skeptic when comes to natural remedies because sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I didn't think this would work but last flu & cold season, it proved me wrong. I have felt yucky today ..runny nose, fever, lots of drainage...took first dose less than an...
Gurunanda Oil Diffuser

2 reviews

I have heard the hype about using the oil humidifier diffusers. I love aromatherapy and burn oils in water burner via candle. But I have always been reluctant to try it this way. A few of my friends have gone ahead and bought them. The other day I was shopping at Rexall and saw...
Now essential oil 100% orange

2 reviews

I received a diffuser and Now Essential Oil 100% Orange as a gift recently. I put three or four drops of this essential oil in my diffuser and it smells like a fresh picked orange. I have found this to be extremely helpful in recent days when it gets dark out earlier and there...
Vick’s vapour rub

6 reviews

I use this in the fall and winter for myself and my whole family. It gets rid of aches and pains (it even works on my son’s growing pains at night). We of course use it as s chest rub when we are congested or sick. It works great! It smells great! It’s really great stuff...
Young living peace and calming

1 review

My son is ADHD, ASD, and ODD he has a really hard time regulating his moods. He has some major sensory triggers and can be set of but just about anything, even his socks not being just right. With all the things going on in his brain it can be so hard for him just to simple be...

1 review

So my skin was a disaster. I tried everything. Proactive even. My doctor kindly recommended niacinimide. After only 2 weeks my skin was nearly clear. It’s a miracle worker. Before and after photos attached
essence of vali

1 review

Essence of Vali uses only natural botanicals and essential oils for their products. My favorite is the one for Sleep: complex scent that you want to deeply breathe in for an effectively relaxing breath, one drop lasts on a pillowcase for a couple of nights.
Traditional Medicinals organic Dandelion Leaf & Root herbal tea

1 review

Traditional Medicinals organic Dandelion Leaf & Root herbal tea is my go-to when my digestion needs a kick start, particularly after I've indulged in foods that, although enjoyable, may not have been the healthiest choices.
Earth Therapeutics foot repair balm

1 review

This product is not only an amazing Foot repair balm it is therapeutic also! I was impressed by how soft it made my feet after just one use! I have very tired aching feet by bedtime every night so this was something refreshing!
Doterra peppermint beads

1 review

I use these all the time to make my mouth minty before meetings or when I am out. They aren't sugary like gum and don't look gross like chewing gum in public and the essential oils seems to kill bad smell on contact.
Vicks VapoRub Lemon Topical Ointment

10 reviews

this vicks vaporub is my go to product when i feel congested, a cold and cough. this is my must have for the winter. it works everytime i use it. good value for your money
Nusapure thyroid support

1 review

This stuff is a amazing! I have hypothyroidism and I'm supposed to be taking levothyroxine and I haven't taken it in a while but I started these nusapure thyroid support pills and I've haven't felt this good in a LONG time ! I recommend buying these if you have hypothyroidism..