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Natural Therapies Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Super Energex

945 reviews

It's alternative to have a sugary snack or anything i am tempted to have when i feel my energy level low at the computer desk. I would not recommend to take this every day. But three or four in a week is not much in my experience and when i can't reach for a fruit snack or any...
Life Brand Epsom Salts

104 reviews

Epsom salts. These are great for a lovely relaxing bath after working out or just great for tired muscles. I always have these in my house and you should too.
NeilMed Sinus Rinse

80 reviews

I have bad allergy that are year round and I was have lots of different sinus problem due to these allergy's my doctor sugested I try neilmed sinus rinse since I started with neilmed sinus rinse I have had a lot let symptoms and problems it really be a life saver
Colouring Book for Adults

48 reviews

I used to love colouring as a child, and recently discovered this adult colouring book! I was super excited about it and now I can’t go a day without wanting to colour. It’s super satisfying, relaxing and I find it really helps me to let go and clear my mind! If you’re not...
DoTerra Essential Oils

36 reviews

Et bien moi jadoooore les huiles essentielles mais ceux doterra sont les meilleures.... J'en ai beaucoup beaucoup entendu parler et j'aimerais bien devenir conseillères un jour... Je sais que c'est naturel a 100 pour 100 et je n'ai que de bons commentaires....
saje peppermint essential oil

9 reviews

Peppermint halo from Saje is a lifesaver! I get tension headaches all the time from clenching. I put this around my temples and at the back of my neck. On a cold day, it seems to relieve a lot of pain. I would highly recommend it
Natural factors stress-relax tranquil sleep

14 reviews

A friend told me about this brand years ago and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for help falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. I typically use this if I am feeling nervous before bedtime about 30 mins before I want to go to sleep. I have the...
Westlab soothing sea salt

2 reviews

I got to try as part of a sampling programme ran by Westlabs. So far these have been some of the best Bath salts I've tried. They dissolve beautifully into the warm water. I had a lovely relaxing soak, my muscles felt so relaxed I could hardly walk haha
youngliving theives oil

2 reviews

Theives oil can be used for almost anything. I diffuse it when my family has a cold, a drop or two in my tea to help keep my immune system strong. I also use it in the bathroom to get rid of mold. So versatile, I love it!
Bath and body works aromatherapy

1 review

Amazing product. Made with natural essential oils. Great for a nice relaxing bath or shower. Long lasting scent and theres a different kind for if you want to relax or have more energy.
Young Living Essential Lavendar Oil

28 reviews

I trust the brand, and love lavender. Not only is lavender one of my favourite smells but I love the healing properties. I put it on all cuts, scrapes, etc. I also love how it helps to calm me down. One of the best applications to me is mixing with and epson salt and having a...
Lion’s Mane liquid by HARMONIC ARTS botanical dispensary.

1 review

I’ve been using this Lion’s Mane product of over six months now. My memory has become considerably sharper and I can now recall things much faster. I recommend this product to anyone who is having a little trouble with there memory. It really works!
Kneipp Arnica Mineral Bath Salts

2 reviews

I used the Kneipp mineral bath salt Joint and musclefor my soar feet which also had a hang nail, my toe was swollen and I soaked it in warm water and the bath salts and it felt so much better it also had a pleasant aroma that lingered even after I washed the container out, Love...
BKind white jade roller

1 review

i love my white jade facial roller, i find it really helps my fave be less puffy than it normally is, i also find it helps the products i put on to go into my skin fasted, i would recommend to everyone to get some type of jade roller
Slip Sleep Mist

1 review

i love the slip sleep mist! it is such a relaxing scent and its not to strong like i can find when i use pure lavender oil! i find it lasts till the next day on my pillow and that i only need to spray a little too!
Dr Teal's pure Epsom salt

4 reviews

I have used Epsom salts my entire life thanks to my mom introducing them at an early age. (Excellent got growing pains btw) as an adult I rely on a bag to always be in my bathroom. I use this product every time I bathe. It helps reduce bloat and swelling. I have recently...
Sage Natural Wellness Unwind Mist

2 reviews

Love this product and love to buy again. The fragrance calms me during a stressful time -and I feel so relaxed and calm Sage is my fav store and love to buy again❤️
Nature’s garden turmeric capsules

1 review

I was recommended this to help with my fibromyalgia as it helps reduce inflammation as well as promotes general good health I highly recommend it. I’ve tried quite a few different turmeric capsules but this is the best

1 review

This product has hands down been a life changer with my anti-aging process! It’s replenished my glow and reduces my wrinkles! And not only does it do everything it claimed, but it also tastes GREAT!! Win!!
Gravol Ginger Nighttime Tablets for Upset Stomach & Nausea

1 review

I really like these because I find Gravol/ginger very effective for my upset stomach, but the melatonin in them is quite low (3 mg) a pill. They recommend you take two and that should be fine for most people, but the packet is quite small (16 pills) so I do find the price a tad...