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Oral Care Reviews

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Scope Citrus Splash & Cinnamon Ice

3 reviews

Eye watering breath freshening goodness.. That sums it up. but leaes your mouth feeling tingly and clean all day long almost. Love this stuff.. Have a hard time finding it but when I do I buy more than one
Oral-B Brush Ups

11 reviews

I used these once or twice when I was younger and I unexpected stayed at my friends house, of course these do not properly clean your teeth but these are better than nothing in my opinion. I would keep these in my purse just in case you feel the need to freshen up a little...
Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint

224 reviews

Good product, is easy to use as it is very thin and slides nicely between teeth. For sensitive gums or gums that are not used to floss, this is the product to use. Leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and minty. I enjoy this product, would recommend
Reach Access Flosser

8 reviews

These are easily utilize floss and I love that it gets the job done faster than regular hand held floss. I highly recommend to anyone who has difficulty using hand held floss.
Listerine PocketMist Cool Mint

28 reviews

Pocket mist is the best ! Even though I brush my teeth everyday , I find halfway through work I need a little freshen up and these do the trick! U just need a little and your mouth tastes and feels great. Perfect if your on the go or didn't have your toothbrush with you!
Dentek Night Guard

1 review

for night time teeth grinding. It runs about $30 and has a comfort fit guarantee. So, if you aren't happy with it you can always get your money back even though it claims one size fits all. The Dentek Night Guard is designed by a dentist so it's meant to be designed to...
Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning Paste

3 reviews

This product provides intense cleaning power when brushing your teeth...love feeling a fresh and clean mouth and this toothpaste is amazing quality for destroying plaque!! Highly regarded to fight gingivitis
Crest Complete Care

11 reviews

the flavour of this toothpaste. I do think that with continued use my teeth have gotten a bit whiter, though its far from an instant result. It leaves my mouth cleans and fresh and I really enjoy the feeling after use. I find some toothpaste leaves your mouth not as fresh but...
Dentek Easy Brush

2 reviews

these were helpful and useful when I had braces, along time ago. It had provided an easier way to floss and deep clean around the trouble spots that hard to reach. I like that has a cap to keep brushes sanitary and it allows you to floss on the go, even if you don't braces.
Listerine PocketPaks

50 reviews

LISTERINE® PocketPaks are great to use on the go. I have a busy job that requires a lot of transportation to meet customers and business partners. I found this LISTERINE® PocketPaks are amazing to keep in the pocket. They help to keep my breath fresh and clean. I feel more...
Listerine Agent Cool Blue Tinting Rinse

14 reviews

I mean this is pretty much most people’s go-to mouthwash I feel like. We have been using this for the longest time and I don’t see is changing unless something really great and different came along. The price is good and it does a great job! /// Je veux dire que c'est à...
Colgate Wisp Floss

5 reviews

This product does a good job keeping teeth clean and plaque free. It is very minty and my favourite part of cleaning my teeth.It is also very easy to use.
Crest Healthy Radiance

2 reviews

I love how my teeth feel after I brush. Sometimes I seek in the washroom and brush my teeth just to feel the clean :) I keep it in my bag for when I'm out I love this toothpaste soo much
Crest Pro-Health with Enamel Shield

2 reviews

I got a free sample of this toothpaste from my dentist and I absolutely love it! I'm obsessed with my teeth and have used a variety of products to keep them white, feeling clean and aiding with sensitivity. At one point, I was using a mouthwash and two different toothpastes...
Listerine Pre-Brush Treatment

7 reviews

This stuff is amazing. I was so skeptical when i first started using it, but now I am in love. You use this before you brush your teeth , as soon as you start to swoosh it around it starts to foam in your mount , you rinse for a few minutes, spit it out and continue on with...
Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaner

2 reviews

Forget about gaining whiteness. I had white teeth to start with. I love love love Tropical Traditions products, but not this one. My teeth looked worse and worse the longer I used it (just a month), and when I went back to my Jason Seafresh (which isn't quite as healthy...

1 review

I'm sure you've all heard the hype about probiotics (good bacteria) and their benefits. I, for one, stand behind them 100%. The first time I heard anything about a probiotic was when I was having Gallbladder problems. My gastroenterologist gave me some to help my...
Wrigleys 5 Evolve

1 review

I would never wish such a horrible flavour on my WORST enemy When I began to chew a piece of this gum, I thought a might have puked a little in my mouth, when I went to spit the piece out, It was confirmed that I had puked in my mouth. This is the most disgusting gum I have ever...
Den Tek Triple Clean Floss Picks

1 review

I used to be a dental floss fanatic, but found that sometimes the floss just wasn't getting where i needed it to be. I bought these Den Tek Flossers, floss at one end and a pick at the other.....brilliant idea! They are made of durable plastic so you don't have to...
DenTek comfort clean floss picks

3 reviews

I really like that this floss is easy to use. The silky ribbon glossaries for an easy comfortable glide. I like that you can also use this as a tongue cleaner.