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Oral Care Reviews

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Desert Essence Toothpaste (Tea Tree Oil & Neem)

3 reviews

Tastes better, feels fresh and actually works! I've tried so many non-GMO, organic brands and they are usually pretty disgusting. Desert Essence is an amazing. Buy it, don't hesitate!
Sunstar Gum Advanced Care Flossers with Vitamin E & Fluoride

1 review

This floss is easy to use and is scented with mint. It is easy to grip as well. The dental floss itself can wear if you have sharp teeth though after using it 2-3 times, so for one flossing session you may need to discard and use 4-5 flosses.
Green Beaver Sensitive Toothpaste

3 reviews

husband loves it and works great on his sensitive teeth awesome fluoride free option for those with good teeth. good flavor nice that the kids can use it as well
Lush Atomic

1 review

At first the taste is a little harsh (it's spicy and tastes more the clove) but after a while of use I begin to get used to it. I feel always clean! What I don't like is the instructions says to dab into the pot, I prefer to take with a little spoon the powder and apply on my...
Oral-B Pro-Health Pulsar Toothbrush

2 reviews

My dentist advised me to start using a electric toothbrush rather than a manual. I didn't want to spend $100+ and buying fancy replacement heads. Have another piece of equipment to carry during a trip. This little thing is ran on an AA battery which makes "charging" real...
Sunstar GUM EasyThread Floss

1 review

My friend gave this to me when I complained about having trouble flossing with braces on now that I didn't have a threader to use. I was pretty amazed with it since it comes built in with its own threader - but better, since you don't have to loop the floss through it you just...
Aim Dental Floss

7 reviews

First off all I floss 2x a day, flossing is important. I want to feel wax because it grips teeth better and removes plaque more effectively. Gripping the teeth is what I look for in a floss. Other floss has been way too slippery (Equate from Walmart) Butler was my favourite...
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Mouthwash

10 reviews

The mild taste of the Colgate Sensitive Mouthwash is quite nice, however the "syrupy" texture leaves an awful aftertaste that makes me want to rinse my mouth with water which is counter productive. Blech!!!
Oral B Deep Clean Power Toothbrush

5 reviews

I enjoy using this toothbrush. The brush is powerful to knock out any plaques by getting into spots other brushes might not. My teeth feels super squeaky clean and it's super easy to use :)
Crest Pro-Health for Life

2 reviews

I bought Crest Pro- Health for life for my hubby, he loves it.. It works very well, great taste and cleans your teeth.. I would recommended to everyone over 50, great product........
BeGrit night guard

1 review

I ordered this for my boyfriend because his dentist recommended he use one. He grinds his teeth every night and has done so for years and it's caused multiple surface cavities, not to mention it's extremely annoying to listen to. This came in a set of two and each has its own...
Fixodent Plus

1 review

Having denture is work. Trying to find something to hold them in place. Not easy. Fixodent Plus helps protect your gums. The best thing it has going for it is it has food seal. Its 5x better with keeping the food out from between your dentures. Another very good thing this...
Lush Toothy Tabs

27 reviews

j'aimeeeeee ce produit! Le goût a mon avis est vraiment pas bon, mais pour le résultat c'est incroyable. j'ai remarquer que mes dents étaient plus propres après avoir utiliser les capsules et plus blanches. Cependant, très salissant donc je vous conseille de vous brosser...
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste in Icy Fresh

14 reviews

have been repurchasing this product for several years now while still trying new whitening brands and this one has always been favourited. very strong mint flavour and teeth feel smooth after
Western Family blue mint antiseptic mouthwash

1 review

When swishing it around, it burns and when spat out there's a numbing feeling on the gums, that lasts for a minute. The mouthwash doesn't have that long lasting freshness. It goes away within 10 minutes.
Gum Proxabrush Go-Betweens

9 reviews

LAST TIME EVER using these cheaply-made GUM Moderate (red) proxa-brushes. Something? changed months ago in manufacturing these brushes because the plastic fibers now loosen from the wire core and get in your teeth & mouth. Totally starts disintegrating after about only 5-6...
Great Value coloured toothpicks

2 reviews

The coloring of them were coming out on my hands very cheaply made they did the trick but that's about it mabey I got a fauly pack but I prob wouldnt buy them again
crest 3d white vivid white

1 review

I always bought the crest 3d white vivid white collection from the tooth paste and mouth wash even found out there is a 3d white tooth brush now. and i love the 3 all.together my mouth feels heslthy and clean and i went a few shades whiter even with being a smoker and a coffee...
Oral B Glide Multi-protection floss

4 reviews

This is by far the best floss I’ve ever bought and used. It glides so easily and comfortably. I love the mild minty taste as well. I’ve never had it get stuck either. This is the only brand I’ll ever buy even if it does cost more than other brands.
Colgate Pulsar Toothbrush

1 review

I recently purchased a Colgate Pulsar Toothbrush and I love it. I've used electronic toothbrushes in the past but this one is the bestimate one bar none. You really feel the clean after brushing. Will definitely be buying more of them