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Temptations Dentabites Cat Treats

32 reviews

It is a bit pricey but OMG!!! Does Millie ever love them!!! I can get them to do anything I want if I just shake the box of these treats first. I could shake the bag all the way other side of the house and Millie still hears it and comes running. A winner with us!!
Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

63 reviews

I sprinkle a little bit of this all over the cats litter then mix it around a bit and it does work to (help) neutralize odour. I put a generous amount on whenever I clean the litter box then give an extra sprinkle mid-week to freshen things up in between cleanings. The price is...
Kirkland dog bed

25 reviews

My dogs and myself love this bed . Very nice designs and amazing price . Both my 60lb dogs fit cuddled on it ! I like that the fabric is removable and washable
Dollar Store Cat Toys

30 reviews

I have a tendency to by the little stuffie cat toys with the Velcro pouch of catnip. My cats go crazy for it! Some of the other toys I’ve bought from there fell apart quite quickly(usually the ones on a string that you dangle over your cat) the laser pointers are great fun...
Milkbone good morning vitamins

12 reviews

My dog Reese is going to be 12 this year. She has arthritis in her hips which causes issues getting up off of the floor. Since we started using these "dog vitamins", namely the joints and mobility variety, she has less of an issue moving. They contain Gloucosamine, which is very...
Kong zoom groom

11 reviews

It works well for all short hair types as well as wired, double coats. I normally use this brush when giving my dog her bath it helps get all the loose hair off of her coat. Would Definitely recommend this to other pet owners.
fresh breath by tropiclean drops for pets

1 review

Like many small dog owners, I have been fighting the battle of bad breath in my dog. I have tried many different products but this one has by far give me the best results. I started adding these drops to my dogs water about a month ago. I noticed a difference in his breath...
Trixie 5 in 1 activity centre

1 review

Little bit of background. I bought this recently as an attempt to give my cats more 'brain work' and also help the boredom/stress of one of my kitties who inflames his bladder by being stressed from boredom. My main point of worry is that it wouldn't work or would be too...
nutrivet pre&probiotics;

1 review

I have two pit bull mixes and they both get upset stomaches. I bought this product to see if it would help the growling and gas and sure enough it did. They don't fart as often and their stomachs don't rumble anymore.
Veterinary Formula Clincal Care For Dogs and Cats

1 review

I was having problems with one cat and my dog having hotspot areas on their fur. I bought the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Spray and the problems were solved within just a few days. The product has a pleasant scent, no harsh chemicals, and is safe...
Young Living Animal Scents ointment

1 review

I bought the Young Living animal scents ointment for my Akita. I'll be honest, I used it on myself before using it on my dog. This product is very gentle and doesn't burn at all. It doesn't take very much ointment to apply. The scent is really pleasing and I like knowing this...
Frontline Flea Drops

1 review

I trust this product! I have utilized it for years to control flea issues on my dogs and cats. Application is easy and quick and protection is efficient.
Meow Mix Cat Food

28 reviews

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Clorox Urine Remover For Stains & Odors

1 review

My girls, they had to have dog.. we will take care of it they said.. we will clean up after it they said. Mom takes care of it and cleans up after it, that being said nothing aggravates me more than walking into the house and smelling urine because, the dog peed on the carpet...
Jump ruff ropz

1 review

I'm always looking for toys for my dogs that they can not destroy right away. They have had this toy for about a month now ( I'm so happy about) it comes with a tennis ball and a bungee rope that all 3 of them can enjoy together. It also comes in a variety of sizes for your dogs.
Catit plastic springs

2 reviews

Bought a few of these springs for our cats and neither one really liked this product. Each cat to their own I guess! As for the product itself it is good value for your money.
GMC Mega Multivitamin for Pets

1 review

I have been using this brand of multivitamin for my medium sized dog for about 3 years now. I love it because even though it is expensive, you can usually find it for a really good price. Also, our dog loves eating it, he does not fuss over taking it as he likes the flavor of...
now PETS OMEGA-3 Support Great Fish Flavor For Dogs/Cats

1 review

My dog loves eating these fish oils, I thought it would be hard for him to eat it as it is an oil in a clear gel casing. However, he will simply eat it and squeeze out the oil as he loves the flavour of it. I will continue to buy this as I have seen a huge difference in his...
Friskies Party Mix Naturals Cat Treats

12 reviews

This cat treat also has added vitamins and minerals. My cat loves it and I know it is a better quality cat treat then some. I will definitely buy this product again and again.
Pet wellbeing GI cleanup gold

1 review

When we found our kitten outside, we learned he had worms after readin multiple articles of cats getting sick from worm medication, I decided to order this online. best decision I’ve ever made! A little bit pricey, with shipping I payed around $50. We followed instructions on...