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Temptations Dentabites Cat Treats

50 reviews

My cats loves these treats. They can be upstairs and when they hear the bag open, they come running. I've actually caught them trying to open the cabinet to get at them. They seem to work for their teeth. One of my cats needed dental cleanings but hasn't since I started...
Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

82 reviews

Have tried different brands of deodorizers for my cats box but this one is the best! It doesn’t cause any dust and smell stays fresh even after he uses the box a couple times. Love the fresh scent of it as well
Kirkland dog bed

40 reviews

My 75lb lab loves her new bed! Of course, she loves ours more. With the weather warming up we can just toss it out in the deck and she can watch the neighbourhood in comfort!
Nexgard flea and tick medication

3 reviews

I buy this brand because it has helped my puppy against fleas. They taste very good, so much so that my puppy thinks it is a treat, It is a little expensive, but it is very convenient to give it to our dog.
Dollar Store Cat Toys

37 reviews

My cats love them but they don’t last to long, I keep buying them though wish they were a little bit more durable so they wouldn’t destroy them other than that they love it
The natural remedy CBD canna-pal

1 review

My 180 lb Central Asian Shepard dog had ACL surgery about two years ago. She moves fairly slow and creaks when she walks, also having issues with her hips. We have been giving her this product for the last year and a half and it has made a huge difference in her world. I give...
HSN pet gate

1 review

I purchased this gate to keep my dog from entering a certain section of the house and it works like a charm. It’s wooden and it’s a free standing gate, and you can fold or stretch it to fit any size you would need. My dog doesn’t try to knock it down or jump over because...
Recovery SA Extra Strength beyond pain relief

1 review

When my sweet old girl Abby ( who is a dog ) jumped off her favorite chair and tweaked her leg, she couldn't even bare weight on it. I took her to the vet, and she stated that she had a very bad sprain, recommended Purica Recovery SA Extra Strength, either tablets or...
Cat fountain

2 reviews

Ma chatte était craintive au début, mais elle adore maintenant sa fontaine d’eau. Cela évite une accumulation d’eau stagnante et de corps étrange (croquettes, poils, poussière). Il est importe de le laver au moins une fois par semaine.
Friskies Party Mix Naturals Cat Treats

21 reviews

I love my cats but my one is super picky about food and he just loves these.. as do his brothers but they are the one Brand/ flavour he actually enjoys eating. I think he finds them a bit easier on his sensitivr teeth.
Pet Gentle

1 review

I have a dog that has a problem with barking and saw this product advertised and decided to give it a try. It is working to curb her nuisance barking. It emits a sound that only dogs can hear and does not harm them. So far so good, we have been using it for 2 weeks and the...
Martin Little Friends - Banana Muffin treats

1 review

My rabbit is named "Bunny" and like most rabbits he loves banana, but it can only be a treat. My vet described bananas like ice cream to us, and that it's high in sugar/fat and rabbits should only be given a piece as a treat. These banana treats are perfect because they not only...

1 review

Sonic Technology Bugbuster, Battery Operated No Harm Spider and Insect Vacuum works great..Grandson loves to take it outside and see how many insect he cant get but he lets them all go..
tropiclean natural flea and tick

1 review

I use this product on my 3 fur babies (dogs) it works great and smells good and it does not have any harsh chemicals in it. one of my fur babies is allergic to the topical flea and tick, he was having seizures. I thought if it is hurting him then it cannot be good for my other...
Burts bees ear cleaner

2 reviews

I have a chow and he hates having an ear wash inside his ear canal, so I put some of this on a cotton balls and wipe his ears with it from the inside to upwards. He had a yeast infection, and this helped!
Performatrin Indoor Formula Cat Food

1 review

Performatrin is a store-brand (found at PetValu) - and it's great value. It's not cheap but not the price of the premium foods either. It has natural ingredients, no fillers, and keeps our cats full. Their fur is the absolute softest that its ever been.
Meow Mix Cat Food

36 reviews

My cat loves meow mix it's all he will eat i love buying it for him he's happy and purrs loudly it makes me happy to know I'm giving him some good cat food i highly recommend to everyone who has cats they love it.
Kong zoom groom

15 reviews

One of the easiest grooming tools I have ever used! The silicon makes it flexible and is gentle on the animal that you have no fear of hurting whatever you are grooming - especially with the likes of tangles etc. No hassle of getting hair out of "brush". Fits nicely in the hand...
Catit plastic springs

7 reviews

One of my younger cats absolutely loves springs. About the only toy that actually gets her exercising at any point during the day. She has just lost them as quickly as we get them and I'm not even sure how any more. Lol
Burts Bees Dog Conditioner

3 reviews

I was shocked at how well burts dog conditioner worked on my lab. She has very dry skin, and I had tried everything highly recommend. Once I washed her with Burts she finally stopped itching. Already have purchased more