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Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

96 reviews

I'm not sure if this did anything to my nails and hair. I've only used it for a month so maybe I'll give it another shot. It tastes delicious though!!
Hemp hearts shelled hemp seeds

6 reviews

This product is amazing! It tastes great, it wasn’t expensive for how much you get and the quality is 100%. I have added these hemp seeds to so many different dishes you could say I’m obsessed! I have made a bagel with cream cheese and sprinkled it over that for added...
Meta-mucil Orange Smooth

17 reviews

I don’t know where I would be without Metamucil. Pre-pregnancy I never even looked at this stuff, but when my doctor recommended it and said it was safe during pregnancy I bought some immediately. I recommend this to all my pregnant friends now.
Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids

4 reviews

I've always heard people talking to elderberry and my son being school aged definitely brings home a lot of bugs. One day I dove in and made the purchase. I don't know if it's coincidence but his recovery was record breaking and he was back to himself in no time. I now make sure...
Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion Blue Raspberry

1 review

Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion is by far my favorite Pre-Workout. It does not make me feel jittery like other pre-workouts I have tried nor does it give me heartburn. I find I get alot more out of my workouts and can lift heavier when I drink this first.
Leanfit Naturals Chocolate Whey Protein Concentrate

1 review

I have been using Leanfit Naturals Chocolate Whey for several months now and really enjoy it. With 25 g of protein and 5.2g of BCAAs I find it to be a wonderful post workout shake that helps prevent muscle soreness.
Lynq life

1 review

So over the weekend we received our @lynqlife superpowders! I mixed my water with Beauté mango-peach flavoured powder for hair, nails and skin and it tasted great!😍 Audrey is having her milk with invincible chocolate powder made with 12 fruits & vegetables! Also has a source...
Gold standard whey powder

1 review

I tried GNC brand of whey protein and I found it didn't mix well compared to Gold Standard where it not only mixes well (I like mine with unsweetened soy milk) but tastes great too! I definitely have a new favourite.
Purica Immune 7 Support Supplement

1 review

After a disastrous health year last winter, I was determined to find something to boost my immunity. I read about Purica Immune 7 Support and decided to give it a try. Well, I have not been sick this winter at all - no flu, no cold, no cough! I take it at least once a day -...
Nicorette gum

1 review

This is used to help quite smoking cigarettes or Tobacco products. It gives you nicotine to help cravings and keep you from smoking. It is best to quite cold turkey but nicorette gum helps if you need some help quitting smoking.
Fat Burn For Woman

1 review

Pill is easy to take with no aftertaste! I am usually skeptical about a product that claims to boost weight loss, but the ingredients are all ones that I have heard boost metabolism, so if you are eating right and exercising I believe this could help.
Barley Life

1 review

Barley life is a natural food product/supplements made with young barley pants and kelp. It is a great overall health management product that keeps my immune system up during the winter months, promotes cleaner skin and overall wellbeing.
Lactaid Fast Act - Ultra Strength

1 review

Every time I intake anything dairy related I would get stomach pain and it would just be very uncomfortable. My friend recently introduced me to this supplement and it works wonders! Instructions say that you can take 1 pill right before you need to eat or drink anything dairy...
Jamieson Vitamin D

23 reviews

This is my go to brand for Vitamins and Supplements. I love that Jamieson doesn't use anything but natural ingredients in their products. Vitamin D is great for a pick me up in the winter months when the sun is at it's farthest away from the earth. The pills are easy to swallow...
Jamieson Natural Sources B12

29 reviews

There are a few things that I really enjoy about these Jamieson vitamin B12 tablets: 1. They are small and extremely easy to take- dissolve in your mouth in seconds. 2. Tablets have a pleasant taste- a slight berry flavor. 3. The price is decent as these vitamins typically go...
ALLMAX Nutrition IsoFlex Whey Protein Isolate - Vanilla

1 review

As someone who has tried a pretty wide variety of protein powders, I’ve found in the past that their taste and their nutritional value can vary pretty wildly from one to the other. Trying to find the right one for you can involve a lot of considerations, but for me, most...
MY MICROBIOTICS Kids Probiotic with Vitamin C

1 review

One thing to note about these, that's not super clear from the listing, is they are chewable. That means they are ideal for children (or indeed adults) who struggle to swallow pills or prefer not to. I can't say I've seen a massive difference with these probiotics, but I've had...
Viva Naturals Evening Primrose Oil

1 review

The problem with reviewing supplements is the only way to know for sure is a chemical lab! Everybody has a different system and some things which work for others will show no results. Overall, taking these primrose capsules I didn't notice a difference, but these things take a...
Digesta alpha

1 review

I take digestive enzymes before a meal and I can eat pretty much anything. Previously I had issues with meals not knowing which one was affecting me. Because this has 5 enzymes it means I don’t need to try to figure it out I can just go ahead and eat anything. It’s nice to...
AOR Zen Theanine

3 reviews

When my day isnt going right and stress takes over and counting to ten just doesn't cut it, I pop one of these and soon, I am relaxed and once again ready to face the day. All natural ingredients is a bonus too!