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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Biotin webber natural

2 reviews

This vitamin blessed me with long nails and shiny long hair. As you take this for one week you stay to see the difference in your skin and nails. Grows hair beautifully

3 reviews

My daughters LOVE their AllKidz Probiotic vitamins. They take these twice a day and I've actually used this to bribe them to finish up their meals so they can get one of these... it works! They are chewy and sweet and they think of them as a treat.
Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies

19 reviews

These gummies had a great taste so it was an enjoyable experience to try them. It was easy to chew. This product made it easy for me to increase my daily Vitamin C and Zinc intake.
Emergen-c 1,000mg Vitamin C

5 reviews

I love using this product to keep my immune system healthy. It's a great way to get the vitamins I need. The packaging is so convenient and it is so easy to use and figure out dosage. It has great flavour which helps a lot. This is my new go-to health and wellness product.
Mary’s Ruth Ginseng Vitality Liquid Adaptogens

1 review

I’ve been trying out MaryRuth’s products a lot lately and I’m really enjoying it a lot. This is my very first time I’m trying “Ginseng”. I didn’t know about this till I stumble upon it while purchasing another one of the companies product. My curiosity took over...
NOW Solutions Kids Squishy Fishies Omega-3

1 review

This is a great product!!! My kids love, & I've seen a really difference in their levels of concentration while studying. The added bonus, they willingly take it every day!
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D

31 reviews

These vitamins taste so good it makes it easy to take them often. I almost think of it as taking a breath mint daily. I definitely recommend Jamieson brand of vitamins.
B-12 Complex Weber Naturals

16 reviews

I used it for over 2 months consistently. I found my energy levels increase I didn’t feel sluggish and lacking in energy. It was great and natural so I didn’t feel bad about taking it.
Kirkland Adult Multi-vitamin Gummies

8 reviews

I thought this would help me take my vitamins but I didn't. Instead I felt like I was earing candy needles to say I returned them they were too sweet for me.
Amazing Grass organic protein & kale

2 reviews

Filling and tasty protein shake mix. I like the fact it has greens in it so I don’t have to worry about adding them to my smoothie. Vanilla flavour is quite nice and blends well with no clumps. No strong aftertaste.
solgar multivitamins

1 review

The Solgar brand VM75 multivitamin is a great vitamin for total nutrition. Just looking at the side of the bottle, compared with other multivitamins on the shelf, confirms that the VM75 has more rams per pill of neccessary nutritional supplement. And it's allergen free, for...
Natures Way CranRx gummies

1 review

In all honesty I got these because I keep getting bladder infections and I want them to stop. Since I started taking these I haven’t had one. I couldn’t say for sure they are helping but I think they are. They taste pretty good. They are a bit pricey but if they taste good I...
Ener-C Pineapple Coconut Multivitamin Drink Mix - 1,000mg Vitamin C

4 reviews

Whattttt there are vitamins in this?? Seriously no vitamin after taste or smell. I have a hard time getting in all my daily water so this helps. Love these for a boost, especially before going on vacation. I haven't met a flavour I didn't like .
Jamieson Multi Gummies for Adults

3 reviews

I absolutely love the chewable gummies, and these ones taste delicious I like that they are multivitamin, so i dont need to take many different brands I especialy like the orange flavor
Jamieson Gummies C

2 reviews

I like the flavor of the Gummi, no aftertaste. Great brand I trust and can usually find these on sale. My whole family takes these along with our other vitamins and so far so good, we are staying healthy.
Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Tropical

6 reviews

This has been a lifesaver during covid times! Anytime I feel a little tinge of cold symptoms I grab a pack from the cupboard and always start to feel better! I'd love to get my hands on a kid friendly version to help protect my little ones and give them a boost during cold...
Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Acai Berry

10 reviews

Depuis le début de la pandémie du COVID-19, nous avons pris toute les mesures pour se protéger. Nous prenons donc un sachet par jour de Vitamine C dans un verre d'eau, et depuis, je me sens beaucoup plus énergique. Le goût est formidable ! Nous utilisons aussi celui à...
First Response Prenatal & Postnatal Vitamins

4 reviews

These vitamins were the worst for adding to nausea. I had bad pregnancy sickness in my first trimester (when prenatals are most important) and I am very aware that vitamins can add to nausea however, I tried 2 other brands that didn’t even have close to the effect of inducing...
Genestra HMF Powder

1 review

I take this Genestra HMF Powder because of its probiotic ingredients. This promotes a natural healthy stomach flora, which means the good bacteria are prospering and helping you to digest your food.
Diem B100 Vitamin B Complex

1 review

I take these vitamins because of a B12 deficiency, and I'm pretty happy with them. They are a little larger than I wanted, and they smell pretty bad, so for some people that may be a deal breaker. I don't mind too much and they do what I need. I got them for a very good price...