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Weight Management Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Decadent Fudge Nutriforme Bars

997 reviews

I love their bars. I eat a lot of different nutrition bars and I have to say these are really good! There are only a few that I buy on a regular basis! And these are one brand I do purchase quite often.
MyFitnessPal App

93 reviews

This app is so easy to navigate and has a huge selection of foods already loaded into it. It helps keep track of your nutrient and progress. I couldn’t imagine not using it and it syncs with your Fitbit no problem. If you aren’t using this app yet you should definitely check...
Fitbit Flex

76 reviews

My fit bit was amazing but after having it for under a year the battery became noticably worse until I am not at the point that it doesn't last a full day. I find it's charging more then I'm wearing it so it's not collecting the data I wanted to know for my health. Go with one...
Fitbit Charge

41 reviews

I bought this for my 10 year old son and he's really into tracking his steps and even asked to go on a walk the other night so he could get to his goal!
Diesel protein powder

5 reviews

I was recommended the French vanilla at a local supplement store. It tastes amazing in a smoothie, my daughter said just like vanilla ice cream. Will definitely be sticking to this brand from now on.
FitBit Alta HR

20 reviews

This was a really great buy for me especially since i am trying to be more active. With Fitbit, it shows how many steps you take in one day. It also shows your sleep pattern. I find it quite comfortable to wear even to sleep with. Would definitely recommend Fitbit to others.
Xbox Kinect

51 reviews

The transformation from a dancing hippo to a graceful gazelle began a year ago with the purchase of this small but mighty piece of kit. For this shy and lazy person the thought of going to the gym was agonizing. Then microsoft come along with the kinect and it was like the world...
USN protein shake

1 review

Replace one meal a day for weight maintenance or replace two for help with weight loss. Very effective along side healthy diet and some exercise. Lost nearly a stone within 3 weeks. Great taste and easy to drink
Built Bar

3 reviews

I love these protein bars because they are really tasty , without the chalky protein taste. They are also lower in calories then most. Would definitely recommend.
Contour next ONE

1 review

Contour next ONE is the BEST glucose monitor I have owned in the past 20 yrs. You do not need much blood to test with. It comes automatically coded, and it barely registers on the "internal pain alarms". I have the lowest threshold in the world. I put babies to shame but, I...
Fitbit inspire hr

1 review

Really like this tracker and its features. Three colours black, white and lilac, nice slim fit for a women’s wrist. Band is good, and love that it’s waterproof and can be used for swimming. Band lasted for about one year, but I got a good replacement band from amazon.
ALLMAX Nutrition, AMINOCORE BCAA, Green Apple

1 review

Allmax Aminocore is awesome in helping prevent sore muscles by the catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue as well as helps you get your protein. I drink it during and post workout. I've tried going without it for a few weeks and definitely felt the difference. The product mixes...
Gaiam yoga mat

1 review

This mat has been a lifesaver! I have tried several mats that are usually too thin or too thick. This one is a perfect fit and has grip to stick to the floor! It doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty color too!
Stay Fit Set

1 review

I purchased this set by the Body Factory. After continued use I noticed an improvement in my flexibility.What I love most about this set is the portability. I can take it anywhere as it comes in a handy bag. There are five resistance bands and core sliders. It has a 100% money...
ActiLabs silhouette capsules

1 review

I keep these handy for when I am having a treat or a cheat meal, this capsule absorbs some of the fat from the meal so you don't! I've noticed a difference using these! Love them!
Fitbit Charge 3

5 reviews

I like the Fitbit charge 3 and all the features, it really helps me stay motivated and focus on my health. I do however like the Fitbit inspire a bit better as it’s a littler slimmer for a females wrist. Looks and feels better in my opinion.
Purely inspired keto energy

2 reviews

Wonderful product, have it all the time with me, when I travel, on vacations, visiting family. I wish sometimes I could share them with friends and family, but it is selfish, I keep them all for me.
tonalin cla

1 review

I cannot believe I'm saying this because I'm usually a bit of a skeptic when it comes to pills but Tonalin CLA works!! My trainer suggested taking it and I was a bit apprehensive because I was concerned about side effects, drug interactions, etc. I eventually started taking it...
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

2 reviews

I bought a galaxy watch for my husband and I as a treat. I wear mine every day, I take calls on it and reply to messages. It is so easy to use! I originally just wanted a nice watch that counted my steps, and now i use it for everything. Love it!
renpho digital scale

2 reviews

It connects to my phone really quickly and has a nice feature of saving different profiles, I don’t know how accurate the rest of the measurements are but the weight is accurate