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Weight Management Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Decadent Fudge Nutriforme Bars

997 reviews

I love their bars. I eat a lot of different nutrition bars and I have to say these are really good! There are only a few that I buy on a regular basis! And these are one brand I do purchase quite often.
MyFitnessPal App

98 reviews

This app is great for weight loss, and has all the basic fundamentals of a weight loss app. I think it's extremely good that this app is free, as often fitness and weight loss apps are not free. The only thing that I would say, is that the website itself, and the app could be...
Fitbit Flex

76 reviews

My fit bit was amazing but after having it for under a year the battery became noticably worse until I am not at the point that it doesn't last a full day. I find it's charging more then I'm wearing it so it's not collecting the data I wanted to know for my health. Go with one...
Fitbit Charge

42 reviews

I love that the Fitbit keeps track of my steps throughout the day. This allows me to stick to goals and be accountable. I find this product durable and able to handle the environments of everyday life.
Contigo 24 fl-oz stainless Steel Water Bottle

1 review

I've tried many water bottles over the years and this has been my favorite one ever! It's so easy to clean, my water never has a weird taste to it and it helps me drink the right amount of water each day! It keeps my water cold for hours!
C4 mango

1 review

The best pre work out I’ve ever tried, usually not a fan but nutritionist suggested it instead of a can of energy drink to get my spirits up and it’s helped sooooo much and doesn’t have the huge crash of a energy drink!
FitBit Alta HR

22 reviews

I love my FitBit Alta HR. I wouldn’t be without it now. I didn’t pay for the premium app after the free trial and I don’t feel I am missing out. The free app controls all the features I need. It shows daily and weekly figures and you can change what you see on the screen...
Diesel protein powder

5 reviews

I was recommended the French vanilla at a local supplement store. It tastes amazing in a smoothie, my daughter said just like vanilla ice cream. Will definitely be sticking to this brand from now on.
Built Bar

7 reviews

Dark chocolate enrobes a beautiful chewy, noughaty center in a variety of flavours....my personal faves so far are Salted Caramel and Mint Brownie. They pack a whopping 17 grams of protein with only 130 calories, 4 grams of sugar and 2.5 grams of fat.....and they are incredibly...
Skinny Jane Pro Keto Shake

1 review

These shakes are great whether you are using a ketogenic weight loss plan, or just looking for a "boost" for your metabolism. EACH SHAKE HAS ONLY 100 CALORIES AND 2 GRAMS OF SUGAR!!! I tried the Salted Caramel flavor, and it is delicious!! I am really impressed with the creamy...
Purely inspired garcinia cambogia  easy to swallow veggie tablets

1 review

Everyday I get terrible stomach pain like I’m hungry, I’m not hungry but would often eat just to stop the pain Now I just take one of these tablets and the hunger pains are gone in minutes! Products like tums just made it worse now I can stick to my fasting diet no...
Iaso Detox tea

1 review

This is an all natural detox tea that you can drink hot or cold. It is a waste lost tea, meaning it gets rid of your waste and toxins in your colon! It consists of 9 all natural essential herbs that work synergistically together to do amazing things with in your body! It is a...
NRG  all-natural energy

1 review

NRG is an all natural product that helps with increasing your energy levels, it can help with mild depression, anxiety, ADHD and mental Clarity! It also burn 300 calories per capsule. You can purchase this at this website: www.blockskinnytea.com
Yoga burn monthly

1 review

Hi friends. I recently purchased a program off a late night info-mercial. YOGA BURN MONTHLY. It seemed a bit pricey. $100 bucks with shipping. I normally wouldn't fall for these. At this time in quarantine, I am sooooo happy I did. There's 5 different cd's with 5 different...
Boost original- plus protein vanilla

1 review

So in love with this protein shake. It taste just like a vanilla shake with only 160 calories, 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. Its convenient, just grab a bottle out of the fridge and go. It keeps me full for about 2 hours. So i drink it in the morning for breakfast...
Fitbit Charge 3

9 reviews

I absolutely love it! I had one that broke on me and FitBit customer support could not have been more understanding! They immediately offered to send me a new one or I could get another model for 75% off! I've had one for years and I highly recommend!
Zakerda resistant bands

1 review

This set of 5 resistant bands are super affordable and helps work the glutes in your at home workouts! This five pack comes with an extra light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy resistant option! They are great for everyone at any level during their fitness journey! Highly...
Xbox Kinect

51 reviews

The transformation from a dancing hippo to a graceful gazelle began a year ago with the purchase of this small but mighty piece of kit. For this shy and lazy person the thought of going to the gym was agonizing. Then microsoft come along with the kinect and it was like the world...
Fitbit inspire hr

4 reviews

The Inspire is small, sleek Fitbit that tracks your steps, heart rate and sleep. You can sync it to the Fitbit app. It’s band can be irritating, so if you have sensitive skin might be a problem. I have to take it off occasionally to give my wrist a break. I do like how it...
USN protein shake

1 review

Replace one meal a day for weight maintenance or replace two for help with weight loss. Very effective along side healthy diet and some exercise. Lost nearly a stone within 3 weeks. Great taste and easy to drink