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Serenity Nail & Spa Reviews - Toronto
    Address: 2410 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, Ontario M6S 1P9
    Phone: 416.769.9904

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    November 12, 2010

    I am going to a wedding this weekend and I wanted to get my nails done. I had gel nails for my sister's wedding in September and loved them! So I tried this little nail salon in Bloor West. I am very impressed!

    I got a pedicure and a set of gel overlays (on my natural nail, no extensions) in a "permanent french manicure". They look awesome! So shiney and pretty and very strong! I LOVE that there is NO DRYING time! I got purple polish on my toes with were dry by the time my hands were done.

    One of my nails had broke earlier in the week and was shorter than the rest, so she was able to extend just that one with the gel so I didn't have to cut them all short! That was awesome! And that one nail looks the same as the rest!

    They only weird thing was, after the first coat of the gel on my nails there was a slight "burning" feeling when I put my hands under the UV light. Not my whole hand, just on the nails. I pulled my hand out and the girl said, "Oh, it might burn at bit at first, but just take your hand out of the light and put it back in and it will be ok." She was right. The feeling only lasted a second and when I put my hand back in, it didn't happen again. I thought that was weird!?

    Dee was the girl who did my treatments. She was very nice. All the girls in the salon were very nice.

    The salon its self was neat and tidy. The pedicure chairs were huge, comfy massage chairs! That was awesome! I was offered green tea while my feet were being pampered. They are very hygenic. Overall a great atmosphere.

    They were very busy the day I was there. Lots of people just walked in looking for a mani, pedi or wax but no one was turned away. The longest someone had to wait was 10 minutes!

    The prices are very reasonable. I paid $70 for my treatments. Their website has a complete price list.

    These gels should last 3 or 4 weeks. I will probably get tired of them before they wear out! And I can put nail polish over them and remove it with regular nail polish remover!! I removed my gel nails before with pure acetone. You can pay the salon do it for you, as it can be a little bit of work, but acetone is cheep and it will work. Just remember to moisturize after, as it will dry out your hands and nails!

    The weirdest part of this whole experience is the realization that this manicure will last longer than some relationships I've had!!! lol

    Updated On: December 01, 2010

    I have had the gel nails removed. I had to go to a salon to have it done ($10) as these were not the soak-off type. I have to say, I like the saok-off kind way better. I like the option of removing the gels yourself and not having to go back to the salon. The removal process involved grinding which has left my nails thin and weak. I may have to go get them done again, this time with a soak-off kind so they grow without breaking.

    I've had Gelish brand of gel nails before and liked them better. They came off with acetone.

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