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Shape Fitness - 261 Davenport Rd. Reviews - Toronto
    Address: 261 Davenport Rd.
    Toronto, Ontario M5R 1K3
    Phone: 416.929.8444

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    December 30, 2009

    I WOULD NOT recommend anyone to sign a contract with shapes.
    I first joined shapes 3 years ago, i went in there just wanting a basic memebership no personal trainer nothing. I was under 18 when i started going there so i had my mom with me. I had the manager at the time signing me up she signed me up for a personal trainer (that was our bad cause we signed it but she said she was only signing me up for 3 sessions) anyways she ended up signing me up for a year with a personal trainer. The payment type that we chose was auto debit at the time i did not have a blank cheque with me so my mom just gave one of hers for the time being, right away we went to the bank and got a cheque got her cheque back and gave them mine. Later on we realized that this broad signed me up for a year with a trainer and she told us that we had to write a letter to head office. That was all taken care of and i got my money refunded properly that time. The manager was so nasty and rude when we said we wanted the contracted changed. Customer Service at Shapes = HORRIBLE. i always renewed my membership on time and never had a problem. I started taking jiu jitsu and did no longer have the need to go there. My contract expired in the beginnning of may and i had not been there since beginning of april. I had no problem with paying the contract out i just didnt go anymore. 2 months later im looking over my bank statements realizing shapes is still taking money out i didnt rush over there right away i let them take money from my account for about another month just thinking some payments screwed up or something.. Which they were not.. Anyways about a week later i took my money out of my account and had it in another one i didnt close my account or anything just switched money out and a couple days later my MOM has money being taken out of her account. When i first signed up there we got the cheque back, obviously shapes keeps all the personal information they can get out of people. So I decided i was calling head office about this whole deal. I called them told them i was having money taken out of my account wondering what the hek is going on. The girl siad to me take a look at your contract it says that IF YOU DONT CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP AFTER YOUR CONTRACT IS UP IT SWITCHES TO A MONTH TO MONTH. ***WRONG*** WHAT THE CONTRACT REALLY SAYS IS THAT IF YOU ENTER THE FACILITY AFTER YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS UP IT SWITCHES TO A MONTH TO MONTH. I immediately called the fitness center to see the exact last date i was there on it was just over a month before it expired. i called shapes head office numerous times till i finally spoke to someone that is actually sane, she told me that i could get my 5 payments back and would recieve them by next week in a cheque in the mail. i called back there a week and a half later wondering where my money was and everything is so "secretive" there and no one could give me an answer. i called there everyweek till i got my money back. shapes blocks you from phoning there and doest answer your calls if they dont feel like dealing with you. i had to tell them i was taking legal action in order to get it back and 2 months later i recieve a cheque in the mail for TWO PAYMENTS not FIVE. i called back there to see what was going on and they said that since i didnt give 30 days notice to canceling my membership i could only get back two. the lady that i spoke to that told me i could get my money back assured me that i did not have to give any noticed because of this inconvience and i would get back 5. THAT WAS BS. i had a lady on the phone there tell me i was stupid and crazy and i said you guys are a crooked company and that you rip people off and she laughed at me. i do not reccomend any body to join shapes unless you plan on staying with them for a lifetime and get ripped off.

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