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    July 28, 2008

    Spa McGill is a trendy salon on the outer edges of Old Montreal. I came here on the recommendation of a friend who swore that Pal, one of the stylists at the salon was the best. I decided to risk it and made an appointment with him for a cut. My first impression of the salon was very good: tidy, stylish and they use Aveda products. So far so good.

    It wasn't very busy when I visited on a weekday afternoon and I had yet to determine if that was a good or a bad thing. It turns out that was a great thing because nothing was rushed and I didn't feel processed like at some other salons.

    The scalp massage during the shampoo from Marie-eve was unbelievable. Most salons will half heartedly tickle your scalp for a few seconds during the conditioner, but this was a serious scalp and neck massage. Between that and the scent of the products I nearly fell asleep.

    Then I met Pal. Before cutting my hair, Pal dried it and flat ironed it. Usually my hair is cut wet and I thought this was unusual, but he explained that it was better to do it this way. I was still dreaming from the massage so I don't remember what that reason was.

    I explained to him that I was frustrated with how my long and heavy hair was sitting around my face. My hair just looked bad no matter what I did with it and my last few haircuts just weren't working for me. He jokingly scolded that I shouldn't trust anyone but a gay man with my hair then proceeded to snip off an enormous amounts in diagonal cuts throughout my hair. I watched nervously as long wispy pieces floated to the floor and prayed it would all be ok. Luckily Pal was also quite fun to talk to so I didn't have to focus too much on what seemed like way too much hair being cut off.

    When he was finished, my hair looked really fantastic but also substantially thinner and more manageable. My husband's reaction assured me this had been a good move. He loved it and insisted on taking a series of pictures of it. I know my husband - If he whips out the camera that means he approves. Despite his reaction, I was still reserving my judgment until I had styled it on a few occasions myself. Any decent hairstylist can make you look good when you leave the salon, but doing it at home is the real litmus test.

    It has now been 4 days since my cut and I love it. I'm getting compliments on it daily and styling it is a breeze. Pal said this cut would last me 3-4 months. If it does I just might have to consider driving to Montreal 4 times a year just for the cut. It was $60 and I'm so glad I decided to trust my friend's recommendation!

    414 McGill Avenue

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