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Woo Maylynn Dr Naturopath Reviews - Vancouver
    Address: 1448 Commercial Dr
    Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3X9
    Phone: 604.251.2435

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 27, 2009

    The service of this Naturopath is excellent. She listens and assesses well. She empowers you to take control of your health and your life. She speaks with a wise Heart and listens to what is not being said. She respects the difficulties you share and will speak when it's needed. Dr M Woo is compassionate and caring. She is ethical in her practise and clear with her boundaries. I recommend Dr. M Woo as a professional ND, she is gifted to reach the integrity of each individual she walks with in the path of Wellness.

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    Bedside manner

    Quality of Service


    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    April 29, 2009

    I was recommended by a girlfriend of mine to see Dr. Maylynn Woo, a claimed Naturopath. I friend is a diedhard fan of the spiritual, self healing, nature type of person - therefore, she really enjoyed her sessions with this Naturopath. I address ms. Woo here as a Naturopath, not a medical doctor, because she does not have a proper training of a real medical doctor or we all call family physicians.
    Anyways, her sessions are pretty normal, not much to complaint and not much to praise about either. The sessions with her were pretty much asking me questions and not really addressed my problems, ultimately, not provided any solution to my situation. She had wanted me to see her so frequently that I spent 4 figures on the visits during a span of 4 months. Everytime after the session, she would want me to book as many sessions ahead of time as possible.
    I wish all professionals are doing their works as ethical as they can - in this case, provide me with proper solutions to my relationship instead of trying to get my money, I understand she provides me with a service in exchange for money, but I think she should address my problems with integrity of a professional not just taking money from the unfortunates - it just appeared to me she's preying on the unfortunates. Unfortunately, there are way too many bad apples out there that really ruins for some good and caring Naturopaths.
    I urge you all ladies that if you plan on seeing this specific individual, there are several important decision we need to keep in mind:
    (1) Is she really providing the kind of service that you are looking for?
    (2) Is your relationship improving after a couple of sessions, if not, why?
    (3) Is she giving you any advice to mend your relationship with your loved ones or just advice to think about yourself and nobody else - this is what caused me my relationship with my partner.
    (4) I wish you ladies all the best with your relationship with your partners - please keep in mind that there is no problems that can't be solved - it is always great and wise to fix your relationship with your partners than leaving your relationships as it would ultimately end up making two individuals unhappy in the long run. In the short run, yes, it's good to stay away from a bad relationship - but we all need to look at a long run perspective.

    I am sure there are more issues - this is just a few that I could think of at this moment.

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