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  Member Since:  December 4, 2009


on April 14, 2017  diannamerritt  16,646 said:

Hello :)

on August 10, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

Morning Aliza, I hope all is well with you. I was just wondering how your internship is going. Is it every thing you thought it would be? I was so thrilled for you when they announced you had joined the team. I truly do hope you're having a wonderful time and your loving every minute of it. Good luck with all you do Aliza, have a great day.


on July 11, 2012  Vlicious  3,810 said:

Congrats on the internship! I have a feeling you'll do great!! :)

on July 09, 2012  KindlyMe  844 said:

Hi Aliza :)

on July 09, 2012  fredamans  12,237 said:

Hi Aliza!

Welcome Miss Intern! Looking forward to your posts!


on May 26, 2012  lawrencesharon  1,325 said:

Hi, I am doing good. Enjoying the journey with this site and trying to do as much as can.

on May 02, 2012  chercher  403 said:

Thank You.

on May 02, 2012  sirenstarlight  7,243 said:

Thanks!! :) I'm loving this page! :)
I guess I've always been very opinionated and I love shopping, so this page is the best of both worlds for me! :P
And, yes, VERY addictive! :P

on April 26, 2012  Vlicious  3,810 said:

then perhaps it's worth heeding our advice and give it a try! ;p Blondes do have more fun..... well, not really! LOL

on April 25, 2012  Vlicious  3,810 said:

Ever been a blonde!? :)

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