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on June 08, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi and I am so glad you enjoyed the class. It looked like so much fun and an amazing experience. Yes, I got to watch some of it on YouTube, then I had unexpected company and couldn't watch the rest. It was my 1st time ever seeing that chef, I had never heard of her before. I love to watch the Cooking Channel here in the US or the Food Network. I get many recipes from there to try and have my family voice their opinion. I hope you have a wonderful day, Ginger.

on June 06, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi there, I just wanted to wish you much success tomorrow at the #MasterCheeseClass. Hopefully, I will be watching you all. I hope you have an awesome fun filled day tomorrow, Ginger.

on May 23, 2015  chrissyann123  85,974 said:

Hi Ayan99 I was so happy to see that you also got picked for #MasterCheeseClass so did I. I am so excited to cook with celebrity chef #ChristineCushing and #ChickAdvisor. Congratulations hope you have fun !!! Have a nice weekend.

on May 19, 2015  chrissyann123  85,974 said:

Yes I did but I was sad for her something about Kaitlyn just rubs me the wrong way. But it was okay. the show upcoming episodes and it looks like it is going to be pretty good. Have a great night ayan99. P.S. I will be in touch about the show and I am also glad we both got picked to try and review #VichyIdealiaSkinSleep looking forward to reading your reviews.
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on May 19, 2015  chrissyann123  85,974 said:

Thanks so much for accepting my friendship. I guess you were right about Britt not being picked. I am still a die heart fan of the show and will still watch. Have a great evening.
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on May 19, 2015  chrissyann123  85,974 said:

Hi ayan99 thanks for letting me know about The Bachelorette I sent you a ChickAdvisor friend request because we both love the show. We can write to each other about the show. Hope you accept.
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on April 30, 2015  chickadvise  1,969 said:

Hi, I'm not sure if this is what you meant by "message me", but this is about the Bath and Body Works coupon. The link is void and I'm dying haha
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on April 22, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi and welcome to ChickAdvisor. Thank you for accepting my friend request and please feel free to call me Ginger. I'm looking forward to chatting with you. You have posted some great reviews on fantastic products!! I hope you have a great evening, Ginger.
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