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on February 13, 2010  DarkBlue  1,145 said:

Hi there! I'm very sorry, i didn't realize you had written on my guestbook! I didn't get a notification or anything, so i apologize for the very late reply! I hope you already have an answer to your question, but i will answer it anyway. I am not 100% sure if showering in the morning will affect Drysol because i usually shower at night (before i apply Drysol). But, based on my experience when i do shower in the morning, it still works. I've searched around a little bit, and it looks like it basically absorbs overnight. So i don't think washing the area you applied it on would affect how it works because it would have already absorbed. If you are still a little worried it will wash off and not work as well, i would suggest avoiding washing the area as harshly as you normally would have. Then, wash it more closely at night before you apply Drysol, or on an "off" day (a day you wont be using the product). Like i mentioned in my review, over time i didn't need to use it daily, so you could always wash the area more closely on the days you aren't using it. I hope this helps and isn't too late! :)

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