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on March 08, 2016  Stephs.fav.stuff  32,094 said:

Hey Chickadvisor friend, thanks for accepting the friend request I sent you way.
Happy reviewing!
  Thank You

on March 08, 2016  Chikita10101  6,323 said:

Hi sent a friend request

on June 29, 2015  Cat22 said:

Hi there,

We’re trying to get in contact with you regarding your review for Vichy Idealia

Skin Sleep as we have not received one yet. Please check your email in case you

are missing our notes and email me at catherine@chickadvisor.com if there are

any issues!



on August 04, 2012  HonestlyWTF  116 said:

Bubbles77, thanks for responding.

Just because you see an article online doesn't mean you should post it. Welcome to the Internet! I understand if you want to start a conversation, but linking to an article really isn't doing much for that.

How about forming unique topic ideas that people are interested in and can contribute to? Maybe you could even create your own personal blog where you can freely post the "wonderful" articles you find online and people that actually care will look at them, because on here I don't care and obviously, by the average amount of comments you get, nobody else really cares either.

It says on the top of the forums page "Welcome to ChickChat! This is your place to visit, get advice and connect with our community." Funny, I don't see where it says "Spam us with links!".

You also said "I look forward to reading your posts in the forums to see what matters to you," so does that mean things Ryan Lochte peeing in a pool are what really matter to you? Wow...

Sometimes too much is too much. I know I'm not the only one thinking, I am just the first to say it. You're welcome.

Have a great day!!

on August 04, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

You completely took what I said the wrong way, just saying.

on August 04, 2012  HonestlyWTF  116 said:

Can you stop posting all those articles in the forums. If we wanted to see those we would go to yahoo or something. It is for advice and stuff not "80,000 bees found in home", who cares!

on August 04, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

I just got another friendship request from you today. I already added you when I got the first one awhile ago, didn't it go through? I just thought it was odd to get it again and thought I'd ask you. Have a nice day.

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