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on May 17, 2015  melanielyne1980  4,536 said:

I'm having trouble it won't let me add a profile picture hell
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on April 18, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi Cindy, it's Ginger. How are you doing? I thought I would check on you since it's been a while since we have talked. I hope things are going good. How's it going now with your boyfriend? I hope things are working out. You deserve it, you are such a nice person! Have a good weekend-Ginger.

on March 24, 2015  melanielyne1980  4,536 said:

I absolutely Love your Reviews you are awesome Keep up the good work. Love it

on March 16, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi there Cindy! I am glad you left me a reply. No, Twitter isn't for celebrity rants, at least I've never seen any. There are a few from here that are my friends now on there. I interact with a lot of the people on there. They are so nice, I don't like nothing dirty or obscene on my site on there. I block them if I see it. I post coupons, freebies, recipes, tips, photos of beautiful places and lots of other things. It's all in 140 words or less on there! I like it so much. If you can handle FaceBook, goodness me, Twitter is an angel compared to that site! Haha. I'm glad you realized you are a worthy human being that needs to be treated with respect! I'm proud of you. I hope you have a fantastic Monday!! Let's talk again soon, Ginger
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on March 14, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi there Cindy-it's Ginger. I was just wondering how you are doing? I posted a response to you on the forum about my 1000th review. But, I will let you know here too. Thank you for such a kind compliment! I truly appreciate every thing you said. You have a very kind heart and always remember that. I hope things are going well at home with your boyfriend. Always remember that you are somebody and deserve to be treated well and cherished. Sometimes, men just don't get it!! Believe me, after almost 20 years with this knuckle head, some days are soooo trying for me!! Haha. Have a great weekend my friend. Ginger.

on March 09, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi Cindy! I've not embraced all social media. I don't do Instagram, can't figure that one out. FaceBook, I don't do because it's just too much drama! Haha. I like Twitter and Pinterest. Sure, I would love to chat with you outside of these boards. I'm so glad to hear your boyfriend listened to you and had you a surprise. That's wonderful!!!! If there was a way to give you my personal e-mail without everyone seeing it, I would. Think about Twitter and let me know. Have a great day!! Ginger

on March 09, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi there. I didn't hear back from you on my latest 2 comments. I really hope I didn't make you mad or annoyed with me about my comment. That truly wasn't my intent. I'm just saying I know what you are saying and understand it. I just like to write and review things. It is competitive, we all go at our own pace. You write great reviews, that I love to read. Please don't be annoyed with me. I hope to hear from you soon and have a good Monday!! Ginger
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on March 07, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

I almost forgot-I think I'm loosing my marbles as I age-if you do Twitter or Pinterest, look me up. I would love to chat with you on Twitter also! It's Quinnqueens and on Pinterest-Ginger Rogers. I wasn't trying to seem rude in my earlier comment. I just meant I know what you are saying and I'm doing things at my pace. You are doing great! Keep up the good work. I hope we chat soon-Ginger.
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on March 07, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi there. I got your comment and I agree. I'm not trying to turn it into a contest, I honestly like to post reviews. I've always loved to write and read. I try to read 1 book a day and keep my reviews up to date, my Twitter page full of stuff, my Pinterest boards full of interesting things, that mean so much to me and my Influenster and BzzAgent reviews and badges up to date. It seems as if there isn't enough hours in the day. I pick whatever I feel needs my attention more that day. I don't want things to be a contest. Life's too short, sit back and enjoy it. You are doing great on your reviews. I love to read them! How's it going with your boyfriend? Any change since your birthday? I hope everything works out. I'm here anytime you want to talk! Have a great weekend-Ginger!!

on February 20, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

You're very welcome! Isn't it weird that our birthdays are just 3 days apart? And our stories so similar? I'm glad you had fun in Toronto. Good for you!!

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