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on July 02, 2020  JessCanadian  1,878 said:

Send you friend request Johanna. R u same Johanna I tag on Facebook by any chance? If so small world 😃
  Thank You

on August 23, 2019  Johanna Newman said:

I am from BC. I have two furbabies as well. I do like to chat too therefore message me at anytime> If you want any more Instagram followers mine is @JohannaNewman88
  Thank You

on August 19, 2019  Katherine78  5,501 said:

Hello there Johanna just wanted to say hi and thanks for the friend request. Gladly accept. I'm always looking to connect with my fellow Chickadvisors. I enjoy hearing about the new Must haves in beauty. Actually I love a deal,hot sales& freebies. Abit about me, im originally from New Brunswick but now live in Ontario. I'm a lover of all animals & am active with my local shelter. I have a Furbaby 🐩named Moxiegirl& she's very spoiled. I'm friendly, love 2chat (if u couldn't tell 😂). Feel free to message me anytime. Have a great day. Fr,Katherine
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on August 14, 2019  chrissyann123  85,967 said:

Neutrogena was my last Chickadvisor campaign also I really love their skincare and I will be buying it again. Thanks for this comments about my cats Happy Wednesday Johanna !
  Thank You

on August 13, 2019  chrissyann123  85,967 said:

Hi Johanna Thanks so much for the friend request. I love the picture of you cat. I also have 2 indoor cats and a small dog. Hope you get to try and review some of the new Chickadvisor campaigns.
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on August 13, 2019  JohannaNewman88  3,337 said:

Your very welcome

on August 13, 2019  fredamans  12,094 said:

Thanks for the friendship request!

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