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on March 06, 2019  apryl  2,347 said:

What's up chick❓ ?

on April 08, 2018  Ashleylynncormier  987 said:

I really am enjoying ChickAdvisor! & thank you! He really is my little Prince Charming!

on April 08, 2018  Ashleylynncormier  987 said:

Thanks For The Add! ?
  Thank You

on August 12, 2017  karma0317  5,295 said:

Hiii. Yes I decided to open it again and just ignore what happened. But I did disappear for about a month so I thought let me give this a try again. LoL

on August 05, 2017  _krevans  2,540 said:

Hahahaha I totally pictured the car scene when I read that quote! Lol

on August 04, 2017  _krevans  2,540 said:

Bahahaha your White Chicks quote! "Easy White chocolate. I wouldn't want you to melt.."

on July 30, 2017  dperrault  9,738 said:

Hi Laura 2423,
I am writing to ask for frendships?
I know there is another way, but i dont remember writh now!
Good night!

on July 18, 2017  _krevans  2,540 said:

Thank you!

on June 25, 2017  karma0317  5,295 said:

I personally wanted to thank you for your comment and understanding where I was coming from. I honestly teared up when I read your comment because you actually saw what I'm talking about, and I'm not going crazy. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. It helped me. :) I hope you have a beautiful night.
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on May 08, 2017  alex099  8,798 said:

I`m from montreal but i live in Shawinigan now
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