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on June 05, 2017  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Thank you hon. I try to write honest reviews. I .do my best to put a lot of thought into them. Your so sweet to take the time to check them out. Your also a great reviewer. Hope you have a Wonderful Week. I worked today but I am off til Friday. So I should be able to do more reviews and I would like to write a couple of blogs. I love you. Be Happy

on June 04, 2017  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Awww your so sweet. I am really glad your okay and back. I love you too. Have a Wonderful Week xxoo

on June 02, 2017  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Hi Hon I was so happy to see you back on Social Media. I missed you. I just read one of your Maybelline Reviews it was very good. I hope you are doing well. I hope June is good to you, your family and pets. Love You Happy Weekend
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on October 19, 2015  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

No one can tell anyone else how long they should grieve. For it is such a individual process. I totally know how you feel it takes time to adjust to the loss of a pet when it is such a big part of your home and family life. I also know how it feels when they are no longer around it is so hard to get used to sometimes. I still pull out three dishes for my cats forgetting their is only two now. I still sometimes think about different cats I have had over the years and still cry over them. I have pictures on my fridge, dresser mirrors and in my livingroom. I think it is great to look at them as a reminder to me how much they made my life better and richer. You gave your kitty a great long life and so many cats don't even get that chance. She knew how much you loved her and I truly believe they are still with us. Looking over us. Take as long as you need you never forget but it does get easier. Glad we are friends and anytime you can write me I will listen. Thanks for your kind words and hope your a little better today.xo
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on October 17, 2015  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Hi hon just wondering how you are. Hope your okay. Just thinking about you, I hope your enjoying ChickAdvisor. xxoo

on October 02, 2015  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Thanks Mariannealana glad we are friends on ChickAdvisor and Twitter thanks so much for the nice comments about my pictures. I deleted the first picture because of my kitchen cupboards they really need a paint job. lol I hope you have a awesome weekend. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I have. xxoo

on September 27, 2015  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Any help you need @ChickAdvisor just let me know. Have a Great Evening my Friend. xo I just love your pretty profile picture and your cat is so beautiful !
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on September 26, 2015  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Your welcome you will get plenty more your such a sweetheart, Welcome @ChickAdvisor and thanks for accepting my friend request. If you want you can look through my friend list you will some familiar faces from Twitter. Christine brown eyes is Snowhite on here then you can send them friend requests too. Have a great night my friend ! P.S. You should put your pretty face on your profile when you get a chance. xo
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on September 26, 2015  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Hi my Twitter friend welcome to #ChickAdvisor. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. I just read some of your reviews well done. Please accept my friend request. Happy you are here !
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