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  Member Since:  May 27, 2018


on July 18, 2018  naz said:

hi April I think I already follow you. Beauty_Junkie_83is my id

on July 18, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

We should follow each other on Instagram, unless we are❓LOL

on July 18, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

Are you doing chick advisor, no pics or anything. It gets easier ?❤❤❗

on July 18, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

Hey, are you starting to figure things out more? I am. What's your Instagram name so I can follow you. If you have one. Mines @apryl666666 make sure you tell me it's Nazi so I know it's you

on June 18, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

I'm not sure if I sent the answer already. But I'm assuming you mean the survey to apply for a product that becomes available for us. Tap on the three bars, top left and go to blog. I hope I answered your question. If not just let me know.

on June 15, 2018  naz  2,623 said:


on June 15, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

I didn't know how to use anything either. If you have any questions about it I'll try to answer. I'm still figuring out myself.

on June 11, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

Hey Nazi, I'm Apryl I'm still fairly new at all this but it's been really good. Not just getting free stuff, well that's pretty fukin awesome. But it's a good community and there's a lot of support from all the girls.

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