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on January 22, 2018  jmca  9,114 said:

Thank you for visiting
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on November 10, 2017  Shystarr79  27,750 said:

Hi, I hope you're doing well. I had my third and last baby June 17th. My other daughter will be two this month and my son will be turning 18 this month. I can't believe I'm that old.lol. I remember you were yo have a new family member as well. I believe it was your sister or was I mistaken. My memory isn't that well. Especially with such little sleep. I'm just glad Joe does so much around the house. It makes things easy! He says since he's unable to help with feeding he wants to do his part. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for messaging me. Its good to hear from you.
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on October 21, 2017  CandaceTheoret  4,169 said:

I love your reviews & honest opinions, keep up the great work!

on July 15, 2017  Aletha25  4,604 said:

Great reviews hun
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on June 24, 2017  diannamerritt  16,576 said:

Hey love how do I get more points I make reviews and click random people's account's and comment on the pictures I like and I welcome them to ChickAdvisor but I don't find it gives me much points except maybe 10? Any advice you could give me, I wish they made a private inbox.

on June 04, 2017  Winslow  18,973 said:

Hi there! A while back there was a forum posting on plus size online shopping....you mentioned a store and I can not remember it, I know I had jumped on it to see for my friend....cute stuff. What the heck was that store lol....thank you in advance!

on May 16, 2017  jesscap  10,271 said:

Looking forward to chatting with you!!
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on May 15, 2017  jessica_rafuse3  4,850 said:

Thanks for the add! :)
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on May 06, 2017  tiger123  5,330 said:

No news for the Maybelline Campaing ?

on May 06, 2017  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Hi hon Congrats on #tryBecel Campaign. I was also chosen my package came in the mail yesterday. You will love you ChickAdvisorPremium Makeup Bag. So many nice beauty products. I loved them all. If I had to choose one it would be My Lips Are Sealed by Know Cosmetics my lipstick stayed on all day I never had to touch it up. Works amazing. Looking forward to seeing your recipes, photos and review Becel. Thanks for writing Happy Weekend xo
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