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Cover Girl Battle: Rihanna Does Vogue vs. Ashley Benson on Cosmo vs. Taylor Swift Covers Glamour - Comment to Win!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday February 24, 201472 comments

We did a Cover Girl Battle last week, but the March covers are making their way to news stands and they are MAHJUR enough to deserve another mention. March covers are like the September issue for spring, so yeah - they're kind of a big deal. This week, we're putting three powerhouses against each other, each with a sizzling cover: T Swift on Glamour, Ashley Benson on Cosmo and Riri werkin' Vogue. 

We've got some work to do, so let's jump right into it, shall we? 

Taylor Swift on Glamour 

Ahhhh, Taylor, this is pretty much exactly what I expected from you. The cover and spread are predictably cute and sweet with a touch of vintage and country. Meh. Sure, the pics are pretty and I love the 'down to Earth' vibe she has going on, but I've seen her so many times in pretty much the same thing. Also, is it just me or does she have a major weirdsies face thing going on here? (image via glamour.com

Ashley Benson on Cosmopolitan 

Ash (and I feel we are close enough BFFs for me to call her Ash), is a total smokeshow on the cover of Cosmo. I love the sexy/playful mix she's pulling off here. She's the girl next door with a hot edge. Also: Ashley is my new hair idol. How is it possible that she always has the perfect hair? (image via cosmopolitan.com)
Rihanna on Vogue

Rihanna looks so natural in this Vogue spread. She looks fresh, modern and comfortable in her own skin. I love the close up of her face. The clothing for the cover falls a little flat for me, I feel like they could have gone more rock n' roll, edgier, but she looks incredible so I think this might be my fave. (image via tomandlorenzo.com

Which of these ladies do you think rocked their cover? Let us know with a comment below to win a prize worth C$35.00! 
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on March 01, 2014  wendyroy  25,278 said:

Although I initially said Taylor, I was drawn to the Cosmo cover in real life tonight at Shoppers...strange.

on March 01, 2014  Flybynight said:

Riri's exotic and bold look makes her more interesting to look at. I vote Riri all the way!

on March 01, 2014  dreamer  1,442 said:

Of these ladies, I think Taylor Swift rocked her Glamour cover. Her sly grin is totally appealing.

on February 28, 2014  Anjanie777  1,682 said:

I personally love Ashley Benson overall, her acting, her style, her face is very girl-next-door but also vampy and mysterious.
Taylor is just not my cup of tea, in every sense of the meaning. She always looks aloof and dumbfounded and that looked cute a few years ago, but not anymore. I would love to see her 'go wild' a bit and change her look, maybe darker hair slightly, wear a smile more instead of the pout. Simple things.
As for RiRi, well, a bombshell will always be a bombshell. I feel like she wears clothes like that on daily basis, or at least at her concerts, so it is nice because it feels real to me.
Overall, I choose Ashley for this one, but RiRi is a close second!

on February 28, 2014  VictoriaEss  7,663 said:

I vote for Rihanna!

on February 28, 2014  VIctoria Ess said:

I vote for Riri

on February 28, 2014  jl13  2,859 said:

Rihanna is the best although Vogue doesn't make her look her 'freshest'.

on February 28, 2014  ChristineTopley  3,688 said:

Taylor has my vote! She's the girl next door. Love the cover and the inside photos! Looks like your average girl doing everyday things that young woman do everyday.

on February 28, 2014  Chick78961  896 said:

Ashley Benson on Cosmopolitan

on February 28, 2014  Shaunah  5,209 said:

I would have to say Ashley - she's come such a long way over the past several years, she looks so confident in her photo's and very naturally beautiful. I also love her floral dress!

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