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on July 11, 2017  BakerGirl2017  14,642 said:

Really enjoyed reading some your reviews. They are really informative and well described. I notice that we reviewed many of the same products and had similar experiences with them (especially the yummy food) haha.
  Great Advice

on August 10, 2016  sandrusia  45,883 said:

Beautiful hot & sunny summer it has been amazing :)
I can not complain one bit!!!
Dreading winter days ahead.....lol

Hope all is well and enjoying the sampling / campaigns / forums :)
How is your summer?
Did you go to woofstock?
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on May 03, 2016  HappyEastCoastr  5,541 said:

Hi! I just read your review of Adrien Gagnon Super Energex. I also switched from coffee to a glass of Energex-infused juice in the morning! Great review. :)
  Great Taste

on March 23, 2016  fly_eyez  9,561 said:

Thank you for the friendship request! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. I enjoy chatting with you and the other girls in the forum. It's great to get to know each other and share info!
  Thank You

on March 08, 2016  Chikita10101  6,323 said:

Hello just thought I would say a quick hi. I am new to this site and looking for new friends.

on March 08, 2016  Xaleah  9,787 said:

Congrats on the food and drink Rockstar badge :)

on March 03, 2016  Stephs.fav.stuff  32,113 said:

Hey lady,
Thanks for accepting the friend request I sent your way.
Hope you enjoy your boudoir experience! Get it girl!

on March 03, 2016  allats  8,461 said:

Hi, I am Alla and I accidentally messed up with accepting your friend request, so I resent it. Please add me

on March 02, 2016  wonderwhatif  84,081 said:

Oooh, I see you sell Epicure, hope sales are going well!

on March 02, 2016  Shenanigans18  5,306 said:

Hehe thanks!

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