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  Member Since:  June 7, 2016


on March 10, 2019  chrissyann123  85,974 said:

Hello I followed you on Instagram and I just sent you a Chickadvisor friend request. Happy Reviewing
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on August 01, 2017  tracy1963  6,711 said:

Hi Alex099. I just went and checked out White Willow Subscription Box. I would love to try that one. Since it's not out till October hopefully I have a bit of time to find the funds. I'm going to go see if I can get a better idea of what they send.
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on May 23, 2017  Pammywhammy845  22,191 said:

Lol thanks .
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on May 16, 2017  prettyrainbow  20,557 said:

Hi there! I've been enjoying interacting in the forum with you all. Your comments are always a pleasure to read. Your profile pic is pretty cool too! Take care!!

on May 16, 2017  drayatamieko  2,059 said:

I just joined last week
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on May 12, 2017  drayatamieko  2,059 said:

Thanks for the add! How long have you been on chick advisor?

on May 09, 2017  Hunty  13,195 said:

Yes I watch Aloooooot of his videos loool I love his conspiracy theory videos !
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on May 08, 2017  karma0317  5,295 said:

Oh yes I do and almost everyone I knows thinks I'm insane, so I usually keep that part to myself. Thank you for the comment. I look forward to see your post and comments :D have a great night.

on May 08, 2017  laura2423  66,534 said:

Oh nice, how did you like Chickadvisor so far?

on May 08, 2017  laura2423  66,534 said:

I love Chickadvisor! I'm from St.Johns, Newfoundland. You?

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