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  Member Since:  March 29, 2016
I'm a girl who loves to shop for anything
Beauty related ! I always want to try the newest and best things. Always in search of the perfect products .

I'm 38, a makeup addict , sample giveaway and beauty box lover ! I'm also an extreme couponer. I started couponing around 9 months ago and I absolutely love it .

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2024-04-18 00:28:36

August 02, 2017 

I saw on the Costco post that you coupon. That's really neat that you're a couponer. Are there any tips and tricks or websites you recommend. I always find that so interesting and fun but I'm not too good at it. I always try to start and then give up lol. I also love looking at their movies and books.
 Great Advice

2024-04-18 00:28:36

August 01, 2017 

Holy cow I didn't know websites did that! I just learned something new! (: thanks
 Great Advice

2024-04-18 00:28:36

July 24, 2017 


I hope that you have an outstanding day from start to finish. <3 :)

 Great Taste

2024-04-18 00:28:36

July 12, 2017 

Hi! I was reading you are an extreme couponner and I used to do it and was very good but now that I'm trying to get back into it, i find it very heard to find good coupons or coupons period!
Would you be willing to share some tips?

2024-04-18 00:28:36

July 08, 2017 

Hi Pammy or should I call you the review queen! ;)
I just wanted to saw hi, I often see your name pop up and I enjoy reading your reviews. Good job!
I hope you enjoyed your gift card btw!


2024-04-18 00:28:36
Ali de Bold

July 01, 2017 

Thank you so much! Happy Canada day!

2024-04-18 00:28:36

June 25, 2017 

Hi Pammywhammy845 just wanted to say hi. You are a great writer. In your reviews and in the forums.
 Thank You

2024-04-18 00:28:36

June 24, 2017 

Hi Pammy!
I have been meaning to say hello for awhile now, I enjoy reading your reviews and I like your honestly in reviewing and in the forums! Anyway, just saying a quick hello, hope you have a fantastic weekend! xo
 Great Taste

2024-04-18 00:28:36

June 21, 2017 

Hi Pam.

Thx. I am still quite sore and moving a bit better. My chest is really sore. My lip is still fat but it's going down.
LOL Damn clumsy me.
 Great Advice

2024-04-18 00:28:36

June 21, 2017 

Hey Pam. Good morning.

I am still quite sore especially my chest. My lip is still fat. Dang dog.
This was a bad trip over him. But, shit happens , LOL I will be fine.

Thank you dear for asking. I will check in every now and then. Need
to rest a lot.