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on November 22, 2011  Becky  13,113 said:

Hey Michelle! Hope you're doing well gf .. was wondering if you could vote for me to win the Fuji camera.. you can vote by going here: http://www.chickadvisor.com/contests/fuji_instax/
thanks so much! :-)

on December 01, 2010  jchang212  106 said:

Hey Michelle!
You're one of our Featured Chicks again today! I haven't seen you around the forums for a while, but I hope you're doing well :)

on April 15, 2010  curlysue10  7,176 said:

Thanks Michelle!! Honestly, I wouldn't have had the courage if you hadn't done one first lol. I hope one of us gets it!! I totally voted for you :) Good luck!!
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on February 09, 2010  Mandy  80 said:

Hi Michelle! We missed you at the event, but maybe next time. Anyways...both the fluidline and the chromaline does similar things for me as a liner. But i originally bought chromaline as a dark eyeshadow base since Mac Blackground paintpot was more of a gunmetal grey...and i really wanted it black. But i ended up using the chromaline mainly as an eyeliner. IMO i think i'd rather buy the chromaline...not because it performs better but i get more use from it. The size is bigger and i can use it as a liner and an eyeshadow base. The only tiny downside is that it takes a tiny bit longer to dry...but that hasn't been a problem really. To my knowledge, the fluidline is still in the line. I don't think they necessarily replaced the product. The chromaline/chromacakes are used in the industry for body paints or heavy coverage/pigment. I have some of the other colors.... and it's strange but i think two of the ones i have aren't eye-safe...i guess it's more for the body/face? So if you're on Queen street, get the chromaline at the Pro store : )

on February 08, 2010  roadee  2,181 said:

Hey girl. how's it going?

I see that you wrote on the Chickadvisor blog re: the pose wall. Thanks for the vote. lol!
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on January 12, 2010  Mandy  80 said:

Hi Michelle, It was nice meeting you too! See you around : )

on January 11, 2010  julie-anne  1,676 said:

Hi Michelle, it was great meeting you too! Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

on January 06, 2010  ren1  1,734 said:

Hi Artist! Just dropping by to say hello. Did you manage to check out those NARS eye shadows? :P

How was your holidays?

on December 23, 2009  starinajar  190 said:

Hey! Yeah I went last Saturday. It was great! I had microdermabrasion done as well, so my only complaint is that I have a couple of dry patches on my face, but I've just been slathering on Polysporin, and so far it's helping lol. Hope you have a great holiday!

on December 06, 2009  starinajar  190 said:

I'm excited! I booked my appointment with Fariba on Dec. 19th, can't wait till exams are over lol

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