My name is Celia and I am a bubbly and chatty 29-year-old living in Toronto. I studied Geography and Education and am now an elementary school teacher.

In my spare time (when I'm not obsessively reading ChickAdvisor) I like to read, write, watch movies and bake. I am also completely obsessed with yoga. I have never been a party girl, and am a bit of a homebody. My idea of a great Saturday night is watching movies and consuming mass amounts of popcorn.

I also love shopping (you can never have enough shoes, or purses ... or lip glosses .... or nail polishes .... or lotions .... haha ) When it comes to beauty products I love trying new make-up and experimenting with different nail polishes has truly become an addiction. I've heard that manicured nails are the new handbags in terms of accessories and for me that is definitely true. I am also an obsessive moisturizer. My sister even jokingly calls me "slippery" because of my ridiculous addiction to having lotion on my skin!

I have a particular love for vintage shopping and clothing swaps. This goes along with my love of a great deal (hence my love of Winners). Many people find these things to be too tedious but finding a great original piece for a great price (or in the case of clothes swaps, even NO MONEY at all) is what I live for.

I have grown up in the GTA and love it here but part of my heart belongs to Montreal where I lived briefly a few summers ago. Travelling is one of my newfound passions and I hope to do as much of it as possible in my life. So far I have visited many places in Canada, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington, Egypt, France, The Netherlands, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

I am newly married and a recent vegetarian. I love meeting new people and trying new things. Read my reviews or check out my blog. Enjoy!

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