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  Member Since:  June 8, 2010
Let me begin by saying that it s been great so far these last few years. I m the type of person who says it like it is. I love to try out products and let others know about them: good or bad. I m addicted to free stuff/samples, so... I especially love exploring new makeup/beauty/health/body/hair, etc products, you name it, I got to check it out. I love a great true ghost/spirit story. Anything paranormal is up my alley. With that, if you have any questions about me, or want to know more, just ask.

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2022-11-28 03:41:18

April 13, 2021 

I'm not here much. They stopped giving me anything to review a long time ago. I gave up even trying to apply for anything. I'm being treated like I was never a member, or I did something wrong. I haven't bothered to ask what that may have been, or why I'm over looked. I probably wouldn't get a straight answer any way. Guess I'm told old for them now. lol I have a granddaughter now, she turned one in Jan. Other than that I'm just trying to make it through all this crap we've all been going through. I hope all is well with you.

2022-11-28 03:41:18

September 06, 2019 

That's wonderful news, congratulation!! I hope everything works out for you. I've been going through a lot as well. I really haven't been on here much, been busy dealing with life. I found out I'm going to be a Grandma this coming Jan. Its a girl! Hopefully things take a much better spin for the both of us now. Good luck, cheers!

2022-11-28 03:41:18

February 26, 2018 

Congratulations on getting 1/2 to your diploma!! I went back to school 25 years ago and got mine and found it to be a lot easier the second time around. Never made one bit of a difference in my life, at least so far, but its nice to say I have it. If you're planning on it helping you to get a job that another story, it will most definitely help your chances of being hired on some where. I started my family right after I got mine and thankful my husband made enough that I never had to go back to work. If you are looking for work go to that web site called Indeed and ad your resume to it. My son got laid off from his job and I put his resume on there and he had a new job with in two days, he didn't even miss a pay check. Mine you he had to work through one of those job agency's at first, but the company hired him on in 6 months and he now has full benefits. If you haven't already looked at the web site give it a look, they have job listing for every job you can think of and from all over the world, not just in Windsor. Any how keep me up to date on how you are doing and good luck getting all the way to that diploma!!

2022-11-28 03:41:18

May 16, 2013 

Good for you going back to get your grade 12!! I went back years ago when they had the old adult learning center. I finish three months before I had my first son. He's going to be 20 this June so it's bin a long time since I was in school. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself. You'll be proud of yourself once you have completed it and you should be. It's not easy to go back after being out for awhile!! Have a nice day! :)

2022-11-28 03:41:18

May 11, 2013 

Hi there, I'm surprized it took a month to get your prizes!! When Bren won she got her prize with in a few weeks. I still haven't gotten mine and wish it would get here soon. I won one other time but it wasn't for this type of contest and it back when I first joined. Oh well I guess I'll just have to sit back an wait for what ever it is to get here. All I know is that it's supposed to be worth $45, so it should be nice. When it does get here I'll let you know what it was. Have a nice weekend.

2022-11-28 03:41:18

May 08, 2013 

Hi, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I've bin fighting with the Bzz site for the last few days. There was a report on my page that I didn't write. When I told them it wasn't mine and I had no idea how it got there, they didn't believe me. She said your the only one that can get into your page and it shows that you logged in that day. I had logged in, but I was trying to place my own report in when this other one showed up. I still can't get the report I was trying to enter to go through. They ended up writing under the report I never wrote that it was rejected because agent said she never wrote it, but they still don't believe me. Why would I say I never wrote something if I had, it doesn't make sense. I was so mad!! Now I can't get my work to load and don't know what to do. I did write them back today, but I have no clue what's going on. I don't know if Bren got her kit yet because I haven't talked to her for a few days. I still haven't received my prize from the Oral Care reviews that I won. I don't know what's going on with that. I was finally able to get a dress for the wedding, but I had to order it and I'm not sure if it will fit. With all the bad luck we've had this year I'm pretty sure I'll get it and it won't fit me. LOL Any how I just didn't want you to think I forgot about you. Have a nice day.

2022-11-28 03:41:18

May 04, 2013 

That's good, I got mine the other day too, but Bren sill hasn't received hers! They told her it was shipped out two weeks ago, but as of Wed she still hadn't received it. They sent me an email today asking me to get my video in, but I don't have a video camera . I've asked a few people I know if they have one I can use, but no one has one. I don't remember the sign up page saying we had to have one to join this campaign, do you?? I guess if I can't find one before the dead line my score will be going down because of this. My pads show up at a bad time as well. I never know when I might start. I've bin using these pads for a few years now, so I know how well they work. I got a sample from P&G;a few years ago and haven't changed pads since I first tried this one. Well you know that, I had my quote run in those megs.LOL I never received an email about ice coffee, but I don't drink coffee of any kind, so that's probably why. Hopefully you'll get in on that one too. It's nice to see their offering Canadians more campaigns. I'm doing alright, although I pushed myself to hard playing in my garden this week and I'm paying for it now. I just couldn't help myself with all the nice weather we've been having.LOL Lets hope all that cold off to the west stays off to the west!! Have a nice day Christine!

2022-11-28 03:41:18

April 16, 2013 

I don't get the paper delivered to my house, I just get all the flyer's on Thursday's, but I haven't seen a Target add yet. Maybe they haven't put them in with all the flyer's all over the city yet. I know the P&G;coupon aren't always in the paper's sold in my area, they change it up ever once in awhile and I have to go looking at different store's to find a news paper that has them. So maybe their doing the same thing with the Target flyer. My mom also told me she got one last week in with all her flyer's, but that was the first one she saw.
No I haven't looked at either of those places for a dress yet. I just took a quick look around Target yesterday. I have a Winner's just down the road from me that I've never even bin in. I was thinking about trying there, but I only just started looking yesterday and I really wasn't looking that hard. I still have time and if I can't find one my mom can make me one I like. She made all the brides maid dresses for both my brother's wedding's and my cousin's wedding. She's pretty good at it. When I was a kid my mom and Aunt use to make and sell little girl's dresses for extra money, so she knows what she's doing. I'm sure I'll find something that won't brake me one way or the other, but thanks for the suggestions.

2022-11-28 03:41:18

April 15, 2013 

Your not missing anything, like I said it's pretty much just a Zeller's
store with a new paint job. The prices aren't any better and they still
haven't sent out news paper flyer's. If you want to see what they have
on sale, if you want to even call them sale's, you have to look it up on
line, or have them email it to you. I didn't see one dress for someone
my age that I liked and they don't even have woman's running shoes. If
they do they were hiding them pretty good! If I were you I sure wouldn't
make a special trip just to walk through there. Do you know if they're
making the Zeller's that was out by you into a Target too?

Yes a trip to Toronto to meet all the lady's sure would be fun. They
have had a few meet and greet party's, but I couldn't make the trip.
It's to far for me to drive by myself. Maybe one day a few of us from
down this way can all get together and take a four day weekend trip up
there. I've thought about it a few time's, but I just haven't had the
time, or the money to go. We'll see what happens down the road, but it
sure would be a fun long weekend. Have a nice day Christine and enjoy
this nice sunny weather while you can! Who knows when we'll get another
day like today!!

2022-11-28 03:41:18

April 15, 2013 

Don't mind me, its Monday.LOL I agree, I like that this site is Canadian as well and that its so close to us. One day I might even travel up that way and say hi. LOL I see the sun is shinning now, I just hope it stays that way and the rain holds off, at least until tonight. Have you bin to the new Target yet? I made the mistake of going on their opening day. The place was so packed that I left 20 minutes later. From what I saw of it it's pretty much the same thing Zeller's was. I haven't bin back since then, but I was thinking about stopping in today so I can get a better look around. I thought it might not be that packed now that its bin open for a few weeks and since its Monday it can't hurt. At least that's what I'm hoping for, with my luck it will still be packed. I have a wedding to go to in June and don't have a thing to ware, so I thought I'd try and see what they have out. Any how I have to go get my but dressed, or I won't be going any where. Have a nice day!