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How do I become an Advisor, Expert, Guru, Rockstar or Legend?

Join the thousands of women who share their best (and worst!) products on ChickAdvisor. You'll earn points for almost everything that you do: invite friends, post reviews, and give support in the forums. Keep growing your points and you'll unlock badges and get first access to special offers and review programs. That means FREE stuff from the brands you love!

Unlock badges in all categories as you grow your points: beauty, shopping, food and drink, mom and baby, wellness.
Sign up and post your first review - that's it! - you're an Advisor.

Additional badges and how to earn them:

Elite Reviewer

If you try a product, be sure to share your opinion - keep posting reviews for this badge.

Top Commenter

We love comments - post some for this badge.

Product Review Club

Post five reviews and you can apply to be considered for product reviews for brands that work with ChickAdvisor . It's a great gig!

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How to earn points:

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