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on June 19, 2019  Tammy281  870 said:

on June 19, 2019 Tammy281 870 said:
I went and bought all these products just so I could write the reviews you say I didn’t write. I wrote reviews on other Nivea products because I got my Nivea badge long long ago. I didn’t get these products from chickadvisor obviously because I always write my reviews. So like I said I went and bought all of them just so I could give my honest reviews. Thank you and hope this resolves all this..
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on September 08, 2018  MissKarleeKae  1,280 said:

I never received these products sorry I just figured out how to read your full comment and found out this has happened I never did receive anything which is why I never reviewed it :( how do I get my account back to good terms so I can receive products and review them
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on April 05, 2018  Tammy281  870 said:

I already did this even got the Nivea badge?????? Please check this and fix this. I am not getting any offers to review products anymore and I did what was asked of me. Feel this is just mean!!!

on March 30, 2018  Tammy281  870 said:

I did all of these not sure why you dont see my reviews!!!! I did every single one I don’t feel this is right to not let me have the same opportunity as others. I did what I was asked please respond back because I love chick advisor and want to be part of this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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on March 29, 2018  Jojob  150 said:

I just seen your msg.. I'm sorry but i did not receive any NIVEA products to try. Or I would of left a review ;(

on September 26, 2017  Tammy281  870 said:

I just seen this now...wow sorry for not responding I did all the Nivea reviews I loved them and am a Nivea girl now. Thank you ❤️
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on August 11, 2017  laurasaunders  1,124 said:

Sooo sorry for not submitting my reviews for Nivea! I ended up being quite ill at the time to the point where I wasn't doing anything other than focusing on my health for a few months (this may sound like an excuse but my hands and most of my body were numb). I did enjoy the products and thought they were all great. I am in better health now and would love to be able to try more products and ALWAYS submit reviews! :)

on May 11, 2017  diannamerritt  16,398 said:

Hello welcome to Ch

on April 14, 2017  diannamerritt  16,398 said:

Hello how are you ?

on April 03, 2017  Kare  542 said:

I 've found my belated review which I did on January it was due in october but I just had my first baby at that time and breast feeding was not easy, i feel very sorry for my belated review. I've also add some pictures! but I reviewed anonymously by mistake and I cannot review anymore as I can review only once, the website won' t let me review again..
Should I delete my profile and do A new one? I really like to test and review products...
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