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I love shopping, especially when I'm on the hunt for the next great product, I love trying something new because there's so many amazing things out there that no ones heard of. Shopping is like a treasure hunt or a sport to me, I love find something new, searching for great deals too & finding that once in a life time unique item, you know the one you can't live without now that you've seen it, usually for me anyways it comes from value village or a store similar to it so to add to the already amazing find, I know I'm most likely never gonna find something like this again and no one else will either, so you got something amazing you love that no one else has, definitely a great score. Thrift store shopping makes me life great, I do it when I'm happy, sad, mad, bored, pretty much all the time. And I love freebies, samples, free trial, and anything like that! There's me in a nutshell :)

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April 30, 2021 

Thanks for the friend request!

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February 15, 2016 

HI! I enjoy reading your reviews! I've sent a friend request. My name is Nadine, I live in Edmonton Alberta!
 Great Taste

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February 09, 2016 

How do I accept friend requests? And I promise to do the same, I love chick advisor
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February 08, 2016 

Hi there I sent you a friend request. My name is Katherine and I am from Ontario Canada. I'm looking to interact with my fellow"ChickAdvisors" and reading their reviews. I will always honestly review all the products I have tried and give the results I've had good or bad.Thanks for your time have a great night.