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on April 27, 2016  doglover1992  492 said:

hey chick i'm new to the site. love your articles! keep up the solid work friend.

on April 09, 2016  thekaraokeGal  1,010 said:

I thought I did a review for this. Sorry I was in Cancer treatments when I received this product.
I do have a post on my blog for this as I reviewed a few Vichy products today and included this.
Here is the link below, let me know if you need anything else.


on March 31, 2016  Cuppedcakes  15,375 said:

I truly enjoy the camaraderie found here between us 'chicks' and I love feeling empowered in knowing I can potentially help others with my experiences! XO
  Thank You

on March 31, 2016  Cuppedcakes  15,375 said:

Thank you so much for answering my forum topic question in regards to if applying more than once for a campaign positively affects ones chance of being chosen!! You're a sweetie for being so on top of things! Thanks again and I look forward to chatting more with you! Sent a friend request here as well :)

on March 14, 2016  Cuppedcakes  15,375 said:

Hi there! Enjoy reading your reviews! I've sent a friend request :)

on March 05, 2016  JoJo06  1,339 said:

I am truly sorry I wasn't able to write a review on the Motts Products, to be totally honest I never did see the product. I was in hospital for quite awhile and many things were left undone, I wasn't on the computer and when I was finally well enough some things got forgotten and some things it was much too late. I am now on the computer more often and trying to get back to my routine.
Thank you very much,

on February 18, 2016  linda1958  3,166 said:

I believe I tried but could not find the Vichy products I tested...I believe I wrote a response in a contact email but I could be wrong or I may have review it on another sight by mistake...here is what I said...I found that the dayrime moisturizef had a chemical interaction because as I warmed up in the sun I found it irritated my eyes because the vapoues get trapped behind my prescription lenses...this product must be covered with a liberal coating of foundation to keep it from evaporating, more face make up than I would normally use...I reorted to using the night time replenishing moisture under my foundation with good results. I waited to review this product because I ddidnt want to give it a bad review until I was sure because the amount of product was so generous, anyway I ended up giving the daytime to my sister-in-law and replaced it with a sample of Clinique that my daughter gave me. thanx for the opportunity to try such a luxury high end product.
  Thank You

on February 08, 2016  Farmgirl13  827 said:

I am so sorry. I just saw this message. I'm not sure why my reviews didn't go through. Will do them ASAP!

on January 22, 2016  tracylynn  490 said:

I am so very sorry for my delay in submitting my reviews, and for replying to your message. I'm having a problem, I posted the review just recently for CeraVe Baby Rash Cream and for some reason my review disappeared. so i'm posting it here.
I love it it worked awesome, my son had a rash on his bum and I used CeraVe Baby Rash Cream and it was gone the next day, I love it and my son loves it, make one happy mommy... thanks

on January 20, 2016  mckenziebrown93  343 said:

How do I do it again. So sorry I find the site confusing at times.

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