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on July 21, 2015  kissthebunny  458 said:

I just submitted my reviews. Thanks for reminding me.

on July 21, 2015  Sparklell said:

Hello Cat22,

Sparklell - responding to your message for CeraVe diaper rash cream. I guess my review did not go through. I will redo.
  Thank You

on July 20, 2015  Tina3659  2,236 said:

I did twice actually, I will do again, thanks Tina

on July 20, 2015  Heatheraokuso  881 said:

Ok: I'll do it once more. Thanks for the links. That does make it easier! :)

on July 20, 2015  Heatheraokuso  881 said:

I did submit them. Would you mind checking them once more? Because I actually submitted the diaper rash one first. So that's a little odd.

on July 20, 2015  Xtinad  823 said:

I re-submitted the review for the eye repair cream
  Thank You

on July 20, 2015  Daisync  1,087 said:

I submitted a review for the stretch mark cream...odd. I will do another one pronto. Thanks :)

on July 20, 2015  Courtneycomeau  428 said:

Will go redo whichever one didn't work. Thanks for the heads up! Sorry it didn't go in on time

on July 20, 2015  meghansimon  443 said:

Reviews have been completed

on July 20, 2015  Kayla93  1,204 said:

Hi Cat,

The reason I never wrote reviews for the three products is because I never actually received the products. I sent an email weeks ago and never heard back. I got an email saying I was picked for the CeraVe Campaign, but never received an email to let me know it had been shipped. I am disappointed I'll never get a chance to try these products out.

Thank you,


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