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on September 08, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

Hi Kewald, I just read your post about how your daughter eats everything and
anything. I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it. I have a few
questions for you. When she's had her dinner, or witch ever meal it is,
does she ask for more and more and eats until she makes her self sick
and still wants more food? Is it after you stop giving her more to eat
when she real starts eating dog food, paper, or what ever she can get
her little hands on? Does she try to hide food and take it from others
in the house, or other people around her? If this is the case then I
really think you need to get her to a eating disorder doctor. I don't
want to frighten, but I just watch a show about a woman who was
fostering a four year old boy that was doing this. One day when she had
her back turn he ate a ton of salt and she didn't know it. He began
getting sick with what just looked like flu like symptoms, so she just
thought that was what it was and didn't take him to the hospital until a
few hours later. He died of salt poising and both her and her husband
were put in jail. The woman ended up getting life in prison, but that
was only because the prostituting lawyer railroaded her and didn't let
the Dr's evidence into the case that proved she didn't make him eat the
salt, he ate it on his own because of this eating disorder. I wish I
could remember what the name of this disorder is, but I watched this on
20/20 Sept 07/2012.

I'm not saying that your daughter has this disorder, but it's something
to think about and bring up to her Dr. If you she's doing much better
now then I'm very happy for the both of you, but if she isn't you should
think about this. I hope this was a bit of help. Good luck kewald!!!

on June 14, 2012  Ali de Bold said:

Kewald, you are so sweet! Thanks so much. Yes, fitness is a big passion of mine too. I've written a few pieces for ChickAdvisor here:

We will def do more. Are you a writer, enthusiast, etc?
  Thank You

on May 07, 2012  Ali de Bold said:

Awww, no problem! I know how tough it is. Big hugs to you!

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