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Ali de Bold

I am the Co-Founder of ChickAdvisor and the "Chief Chick in Charge".

ChickAdvisor was born out of the frustration I had when planning my wedding with Alex (the other founder) in late 2004.

I am originally from Winnipeg and moved to Toronto a number of years ago. I was researching online for hair salons and spas to get my hair and makeup done for our wedding in Winnipeg, but couldn't find any reviews. Many of the salons didn't even have proper websites. I was not prepared to trust just anyone with my hair and makeup on such an important occasion, and certainly not without a good recommendation!

I complained to Alex about the lack of available information and reviews and he said, "Well why don't we just build something like that?" That casual conversation led to the launch of on September 2nd 2006.


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