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on June 27, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

Hi, I saw your review on power plant almond flavor bar in think your the only one I've seen other than mine that didn't really like the taste that much. I smelled it and the look on my face, my boyfriend said was so funny. So I didn't even wanna try it, he likes everything so he ate it and thought it was terrible. The other two were ok. Anyways, I'm Apryl
  Great Taste

on June 17, 2016  wonderwhatif  85,638 said:

Sent you a friend request! Congrats on being in the top chicks this month so far. Hope to see you around the forums too :D

on August 25, 2015  sjm79  10,706 said:

I seen your review on Oatmeal Crisp Triple Berry and I have to ask how you got 5 free boxes of this lol.. It is one of my favourites but it rarely goes on sale in my area....

on August 06, 2015  sjm79  10,706 said:

Hi, I hope you do not mind that I sent you a friend request.. I am fairly new here lol

on June 22, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi and welcome to ChickAdvisor, I'm sorry it took me so long to thank you for adding me as a friend. There just isn't enough hours in a day!! I am also on Twitter under Quinnqueens, if you want to find me there also. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, always willing to help. Ginger

on June 17, 2015  Monini91  13,766 said:

No worries! You will get the hang of it . It took me a while to figure this thing out too . :)

on June 17, 2015  Monini91  13,766 said:

Thank you for accepting my friend request Kookai70! Looking forward to reading your reviews . Have an awesome day !
  Thank You

on June 16, 2015  chrissyann123  85,967 said:

Thanks for acceptingmy Chickadvisor friend request. Looking forward to checking out your reviews and community posts. If you ever need any help with anything feel free to write me and ask. Have a Great Night.
  Thank You

on June 16, 2015  chrissyann123  85,967 said:

Hi back I read your post in the #ChickAdvisor community. Please accept my friendship. You also have very pretty hair.

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