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on March 05, 2016  booboocat  1,186 said:

D ove Beauty Bar was great soap. It lathered with lots of suds and the scent was soft and not overpowering. It rinsed off leaving no residue and didn't leave a strong scent afterwards. L ove D ove products!

on December 23, 2015  nair  7,303 said:

je suis désolée mais dans mes souvenirs j'ai fait mon commentaires .

on December 18, 2015  TaraLow  2,101 said:

I am very sorry about my missing review regarding the Scotch Tape products, it was not my intention to miss the deadline. It was a bad time of the year for me, and I didn't have access to a computer or the Internet. Things are all sorted out now, and I would still be willing to give my review if you'd like. Hopefully I will still be considered for future testing opportunities despite this black mark on my record. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

on December 11, 2015  addym94  1,089 said:

Ahh I just saw this, I never saw any emails? I forgot I signed up for that one, I must have received it late or something because I only got it last week or the week before.... I plan to try it out this weekend on a few of my clothes and will have a review then.
  Great Advice

on December 08, 2015  CurvySyn  1,846 said:

I never received the package in the mail. I waited and waited for it and
it never came. What do I do in this kind of situation? I do not want
to be excluded from future product reviews because of something I didn't
receive. I have always done my reviews in the past and want to continue
to do so.

on December 02, 2015  Kbailey62  1,395 said:

I think I've completed them now.
If I'm missing one lemme know

on November 25, 2015  GBelle  2,259 said:

Hi, I did submit my review but I will take a look again.

on November 25, 2015  cgjzj05  1,128 said:

So sorry it took so long to do my Scotch Essentials reviews. The whole house has been sick with the flu the past few weeks, and we are all finally back to normal! I just finished my reviews, and again, sorry for the lateness of them! Hope you have a great day!

on November 25, 2015  lili54  414 said:

ohh ok! I haven't used the other ones yet because I haven't needed to, once I do I'll review them :)
  Thank You

on November 25, 2015  lili54  414 said:

Hi, I did leave a review a few weeks ago. I posted it as anonymous, should I not do that?

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