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on March 04, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Thanks so much mamaluv. Yes, I meant if there's a not a product on the site, could I post 1 to give it a review and for others also. Thanks for the info because there are quite a few items I would love to add for reviewing. I love to shop and I love to give feedback to help others. Thankyou for the nice comment about my reviews. I like to review, but at the same time, I like to throw in a little humor too. It just makes the day better. Thanks for all your help and all you Chicks have a great Wednesday!! Ginger

on March 04, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi, I have a question for you. The products that are listed for us to review, some we don't have where I live. Can we post our own products in the different categories to review our self and for others to review also? And if so, how do we do that? Thanks so much-Ginger

on March 02, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Thankyou for the kind words regarding my posts. I understand about the product reviews and offers, since you all are located in Canada. It's okay, I still love to write reviews or post topics on various subjects. I hope you have a great Monday and a wonderful week!! Ginger
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on February 27, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Hi there mamaluv, it's Ginger. I have a question for you. Are most of your products for testing mostly geared towards Canadians? If there are any for the US, will you please let me know. I'm so eager to try and test out products. I love testing products and I absolutely love to write!! I have since grade school. Sorry to be a pest. Have a great weekend, Ginger

on February 13, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

Thankyou so much for accepting my friend request. That means so much to me! Have yourself a great weekend and a fab Valentine's Day!!!!
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on August 13, 2014  sammcam  2,557 said:

Sorry about that I received the product a little bit late So I wanted to make sure I had a full two weeks with it. I never received a follow up e-mail though however did my review this morning! Thanks again again for the opportunity!

on April 27, 2014  Taisha  875 said:

Which product was it for back in October? My apologies I do believe I am up to date on all reviews as well!! Thank you
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on November 12, 2013  chels519  396 said:

sorry for being late,, just posted it, thanks for the reminder

on November 12, 2013  Miss-T  416 said:

i just didit

on October 30, 2013  gayleenlam  2,313 said:

Hi mamaluv! Great post about the make-up and your child. Have had a similar experience myself. lol Just wondering if you have chosen the winners of the contests yet (Super Sassy and Puma). Excited to hear who the lucky winners are. Congrats are in order for all of the lucky entrants. This is an amazing site that I have only recently found, but I am in love <3 . Keep up the amazing work! If you are ever needing someone with eczema and very dry sensitive skin, I'm available. :) Thank you so much for all you do!

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