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  Member Since:  July 22, 2016
I'm a Graphic Designer for my family owned little printing shop (local shop). I love makeup (got a bit of an addiction going on lol) and I love to try new products and experiment with styles. I usually buy high end products but I'm also very interested in supermarket/pharmacy brands since I like to use them for travel and for fast re-touches when outside. Also, I have noticed some of those brands are actually pretty good and could rival some high end brands. I think I buy way too much makeup though lol I think in recent years there has been a revolution in makeup and now there's so many new products that are very original and of great quality. I love them all!! :D (yes, I said that while swimming in my pile of makeup lol)

I also love jewelry! and I have made my own jewelry before, I'm always buying new beads and materials too :). However, most of my jewelry is fine jewelry. I love gemstones and pearls and Sterling Silver!!

Another fun fact about me is that I love reviewing products!!!. I think customer reviews are extremely important because it could save you money and a trip to the store if a product is not good. Almost every time I need to buy something I haven't tried before, I do a quick search to see if there's a review on it (even if I'm already inside the store) especially for high end makeup since it can be really pricey. I know some stores like Sephora for example, allow you to test most of their products but there's things you can't know at the spot such as whether or not it's durable or if the bottle will spill over time or the container will break easily if you drop it, etc.

When I first found this website, I thought it was great, but then I saw that you can review basically everything! I thought it was very very cool that you could review even every day items such as Q-tips, cotton balls, cake! etc.

Another thing I love about this site is that it gives you a chance to apply for products to review. I think that's awesome!! :D

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