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on January 21, 2012  Bren  25,446 said:

Mine is in a pot that is exactly like the one you have in the picture(clay one) its also the same size pot.The aloe vera plant is the same size as yours as well but I keep losing parts of it due to the rot at the bottom of it.I'm thinking it may be to cold down here for it :( Yours look so healthy!

on December 21, 2011  takoda  28,648 said:

Hey Bren, thanks. If you put these plants in pots that are to big, or you water to much you
won't have very good results with them. All of these came from
one small baby plant, witch is in the biggest one white pot now. That plant
gave me all of the rest of them and it's full of babies again. I started
the first one in a very small pot and it stayed there for over a year. I only re-potted it
because it was full of babies and was getting to heavy for the pot. It
kept falling over on me so I thought I better re-pot it in stead of
cleaning up a mess every other day.LOL. The room they're in is the only
place in my house that gets enough sun to grow anything. It only has one
east facing window and three south east facing windows. Try moving
yours to a window facing in one of those directions. If the plant is
about three inches high, put it in a pot where there's only 1 1/2 inches
of space on either side of it. If its smaller, put it in a smaller pot
and if its bigger put it in a bigger pot but make sure it only has 2 to 2
1/2 inches of space of dirt on either side at the most until it gets as
big as my biggest one is now. Each time you re-pot only go up one inch
in pot size. Oh and I don't feed mine anything, they just grow in black
dirt and I water just enough to wet the dirt ounce a week. I hope this helps you, let me know if yours starts doing any

on December 20, 2011  Bren  25,446 said:

Wow those look so much better then mine!

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