I live in British Columbia in a small community.I love to garden and grow vegetables and herbs.I'm fascinated by natural products and like to create my own natural products from things from the garden and nature.I have been a member of chickadvisor for about two years now.( I needed to edit this I have been a member for over five years now)I love to read the reviews and review any new products I have tried.I also LOVE to shop and my place is getting rather cluttered with products.Chickadvisor is such a good source for finding out about new products and giving your own honest opinions.I love being a member of Chickadvisor. I've made some good friends,had some good chats,learned some new things.Its one of the first things I do in the morning is check it out to see whats new.Heres to another year!I have also noticed as of January 26,2016 .I have done 636 reviews :O wow I've tried lots of products lol

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