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on May 26, 2019  Roseoneill  1,253 said:

I love vintage things as well. I have a collection of old pillow purses that I adore. I collect anything antique really lol. I have 3 antique Singer sewing cabinets with the wrought iron legs that are jist stunning. What is the most unique item you have?

on July 27, 2017  dperrault  9,738 said:

Hi Violetfish,
How is your summer?
Do you work or are in hollydays?
Glad to read from you!
You have a french first name are you french speaker?

on June 30, 2017  dperrault  9,738 said:

Hi Violet,
It's nice of you to ask for Friendship!
Have a nice long week-end.
Ill be back to you later, i am paing my bills on internet!

on June 30, 2017  PrairieSummer  7,828 said:

Glad to have you as a friend! Hope to see you around.
  Thank You

on May 13, 2017  diannamerritt  16,576 said:

Hello welcome to ChickAdvisor

on May 05, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Yes I'm in St John's but from Trinity Bay originally!

on May 05, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Its sunny here in Newfoundland but chilly out! Couldn't figure out what coat to put on today!

on May 05, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Thank you for the add! Hope you have a good day!

on April 05, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

Hello Violet,
Thank you very much for sending a FR. I am somewhat new to ChickAdvisor too and in a few short months I have become addicted! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Have a wonderful week!
  Thank You

on April 04, 2017  R3Bean  17,987 said:

Hi Violetfish thank you for friending me. Im getting use to this site more each and everyday. Hope you enjoy Chickadvisor as much as I do :)

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